Long, Thomas Charles Arthur


Long, Thomas Charles Arthur
T C A Long


Eight items. An oral history interview with Pilot Officer Arthur Long (1920 - 2016, 1578331 Royal Air Force) and seven photographs, including several with his future wife, Joyce. He flew operations as a navigator with 75 Squadron.

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Long, TCA

Collection Items

Airmen at Aircrew Receiving Centre Lords Cricket Ground, London
Large group of airmen arranged in four rows. The first row seated, two rows standing and the third row standing on a bench. They are photographed in an area of rough ground with a large tree behind.

Jocelyn “Joyce” Strawford and Sergeant Arthur Long
Jocelyn “Joyce” Strawford standing with Sergeant Arthur Long. They are both in uniform. They are in a garden just outside a porch in front of a house.

Jocelyn “Joyce” Strawford
Three quarter length portrait of Jocelyn “Joyce” Strawford, standing in Auxiliary Territorial Service uniform with signals badge on her upper sleeve.

Arthur Long's crew
Seven airmen in two rows.
Back row, left to right: Frank Benger, mid-upper gunner; Jim Neal, flight engineer; Jack Pollard, wireless operator; Arthur Long, navigator. Front, left to right: Alec Bishop, rear gunner; Harry Tweed, pilot; Alan Johns,…

British Overseas Airways Corporation DC-3 and six airmen
BOAC flight at Aalborg, Denmark, 2nd February 1946. Left to right: BOAC agent, Second Pilot, Navigator Arthur Long, trainee Cabin Boy, Captain, Radio Operator. They are standing in front of a DC-3, G-AGNE.

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Arthur Long and Joyce Strawford’s wedding
Full length wedding portrait of Arthur and Joyce Long's wedding. He is dressed in a suit, she in a long white dress with veil and small train. She is carrying a large bridal bouquet.

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Pilot Officer Arthur Long with Sergeant Jocelyn Strawford
Pilot Officer Arthur Long with Sergeant Jocelyn Strawford (both in uniform). He has an observer brevet. They are seated in a room with a picture behind.

Interview with Thomas Charles Arthur Long
Thomas Charles Arthur Long was born in Quorn, England. He was in the Home Guard and worked at Brush as a draughtsman, also gaining a Higher National Certificate from Loughborough College. He decided to join the RAF being that the only way to get out…
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