Latham, Peter


Latham, Peter
Peter Anthony Latham
P A Latham


Two items. An oral history interview with Air Vice Marshall Peter Latham (b. 1925) and his log book. He flew operations as a pilot with 26 Squadron.


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Latham, P

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Peter Anthony Latham’s pilots flying log book
Pilots flying log book for Peter Anthony Latham, covering the period from 22 February 1945 to 24 January 1948. Detailing his post war flying training and flying duties with 26 squadron. He was stationed at RAF Perth, RAF Cranwell, RAF Keevil, RAF…

Peter was an only child and grew up in the centre of Birmingham. His father was a plumber. He recalls the bombing. He joined the Air Training Corps at his Grammar School and was a corporal when he finished school. He was offered a place at the…
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