Harrison, John


Harrison, John
J Harrison


11 items. An oral history interview with John Harrison (1924 - 2017), his log book, correspondence, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a mid-upper gunner with 106 Squadron from RAF Metheringham before being shot down and becoming a prisoner of war.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by John Harrison and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Harrison, J

Collection Items

Air Council letter to John's mother
Standard letter expressing their regrets at John being reported missing.

John Harrison's Caterpillar Club certificate
Covering letter and certificate.

John Harrison's course notes from his gunnery course
Hard back notebook with hand written and drawn notes and diagrams compiled when he was at No 2 A.G.S. at R.A.F. Dalcross in 1943. Twenty nine pages containing the theory behind gunnery, ammunition and the turret.

An die Zivilbevölkerung der deutschen Industriegebiete
Warning to civilian population of German industrial areas, outlining Churchill’s designation of cities with armaments factories as war zones (10th May 1942). Call to evacuate is said to have been kept from civilians by the German…

British Red Cross letter to John Harrison's mother
Letter was the reply to an enquiry from Mrs Harrison. It was to inform her that they had heard nothing regarding John having become a prisoner of war.

Lancaster serious damage notification
Telegram sent by RAF Coltishall to the authorities, Air Ministry, 43 Group Salvage Oxford, 54 Base, HQBC No 5 Group, No 106 Squadron, Records Gloucester. Informing them that Lancaster ED593 had landed at Coltishall having been damaged on an…

Notification of missing aircraft
telegram notification that Lancaster ME360 failed to return from an operation to Leipzig. Lists the crew and their next of kin.

No 2 Air Gunnery School RAF Dalcross
Posed in three ranks building wall in background. Instructor standing to the side. Reverse is captioned 'No 2 A.G.S. Dalcross 1943' Course members are named, John is L.H. end of back row.
Additional information about this item was kindly provided…

John Harrison
John Harrison in flying equipment, standing in a field. On the reverse 'July '43'.

John Harrison’s navigator’s, air gunner’s and air bomber’s flying log book
Navigator’s, air gunner’s and air bomber’s flying log book for J C Harrison, air gunner, covering the period from 19 June 1943 to 19 February 1944 when he failed to return from operations. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He…

Interview with John Harrison
John Harrison grew up in Yorkshire and worked in the Civil Service before joining the Royal Air Force at 18. After training, he flew operations as a mid-upper gunner with 106 Squadron from RAF Metheringham before being shot down over Leipzig and…
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