Winter, Phillip


Winter, Phillip
P Winter


Six items. An oral history interview Sergeant Phillip Winter, (748547, 144466 Royal Air Force) and five photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 102 Squadron.

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Winter, P

Collection Items

Group of Trainee Pilots and Line of eight Tiger Moths
A group of trainee pilots in flying overalls and helmets in front of a line of De Havilland Tiger Moths.

On the reverse 'Trainee pilots at No 3 F.T.S. Yatesbury. Phillip Winter – fourth from right in back row, Arthur Woolnough on his…

Five Airmen and Damaged Whitley
5 crew members dressed in sheepskin flying jackets and flying boots standing in front of damaged starboard wing of a Whitley.

On the reverse:
'After Cologne 1 March 1941 DY-R 102 Sqdn RAF Topcliffe'

'All Sgts
L to R
Rear Gunner 1. Nick…

Sergeant Philip Winter and another airman Sergeant
Two sergeant pilots smiling facing camera.

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19 Trainee Pilots
Philip Winter in a formal group setting of 19 trainees in front of a building. Captioned 'Phillip Winter with Trainee Pilots No 3 FTS Yatesbury (1)'.
On the reverse 'Original. Official "Flight" photograph of trainee pilots at No 3 FTS…

Philip Winter
Philip Winter dressed in a Sidcot suit with flying goggles around his neck standing in front of a Tiger Moth facing away from camera.

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Philip Winter worked in the civil service before he volunteered for the Air Force. He trained as a pilot and flew three operations with 102 Squadron before he was wounded in the ankle. After recuperating he flew towing targets for air gunnery…
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