Gilbert, Alexander Charles


Gilbert, Alexander Charles
A C Gilbert


21 items. An oral history interview with Squadron Leader Alexander Charles Gilbert DFC (b. 1921, 1336682, 186764 Royal Air Force) his log book, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a flight engineer with 9, 514 and 159 Squadrons. He was Awarded the Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur in 2020.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Alexander Gilbert and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Gilbert, AC

Collection Items

Peter Twinn Obituary
A brief obituary of Peter. During the war he was awarded a DFC for bravery. He was proud of his wartime record and for a time was president of his local British Legion.

Peter Twinn's Dresden Story
An article about Peter and others with reference to Dresden.

12 Airmen and Lancaster 'A'
12 airmen arranged in two rows at the port side of the front of Lancaster 'A'. The nose has a painted lady in a long skirt and a bikini top. Annotated on the image is 'For Sqd/Leader Gilbert DFC. These old lags that did so much towards winning the…

Blood-Red Pall over the Heart of Nazi Germany
A newspaper cutting referring to an attack on Berlin. Peter Twinn and Alec Gilbert have been quoted with comments on the cold and the fires in Berlin.

Take Your Bike
A description of an operation over Berlin when the crew had to travel with all their personal kit because they were transferring to a new airfield.

A story about false signals from Monica radar.

Squadron Mottos
Three squadrons identified with their Latin mottos and English translation.

Letter to Gilbert from Arthur Harris
A letter to Alexander expressing pleasure at receiving his letter.

14 Airmen
The 14 men are arranged in two rows in front of an open hangar. Inside the hangar is a Lancaster.

17 Airmen
14 airmen arranged in three rows.

Lancaster 'A'
A port side view of Lancaster 'A' with its engines running on dispersal. On the nose is a reclining woman. On the ground are three discarded items. The double flashes on the tailplane indicate this is a Gee-H leader in 3 Group.

18 Airmen and a Lancaster
18 men arranged in two rows at the side of a Lancaster.

Young Woman
A woman standing beside a tree in a park.

Woman with a Child
A young woman is holding her baby. They are on a beach.

Two Airmen
The two airmen are in khaki at the side of the sea. One is carrying a rolled up towel.

Two Airmen and Four Civilians
The two airmen are in khaki and shorts. The six men in a line.

Six Airmen Dining
Six airmen eating round a table. There are thermos flasks and a torch on the table.

A poem about a colleague who was missing in action.

Another 'Op'
A poem about flying operations.

Alexander Gilbert’s navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book
Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for A C Gilbert, flight engineer, covering the period from 16 June 1943 to 3 July 1956. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF…

Alexander Gilbert, DFC, joined the Royal Air Force in November 1940, and was called forward for service on the 7th April 1941, rising to the rank of Squadron Leader. Alex had a very long and varied career for the Royal Air Force.
Upon his call up,…
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