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Ormerod, John
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4 items. An oral history interview with Warrant Officer John Omerod (b. 1922, 1694577 Royal air Force) DFM, his log book and correspondence. He completed a tour of operations as a flight engineer with 101 Squadron from RAF Ludford Magna.

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Ormorod, J

Collection Items

John Omerod invitation to investiture at Buckingham Palace
Notes that the King will hold investiture at Buckingham Palace on 4 December 1945.

Warrant promoting John Omerod to Warrant Officer
Promotion of John Omerod to Warrant Officer

John Ormerod’s flight engineers flying log book. Incomplete
Flight engineers incomplete flying log book for J Ormerod, covering the period from 15 November 1943 to 27 May 1944. Detailing his operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Ludford Magna. Aircraft flown in was Lancaster. He flew a total of 30 night…

John Ormerod left school at 14 and worked in the textile industry before he volunteered for RAF. At first he trained as flight mechanic but later remustered to be a flight engineer. He talks about synchronising props and the German speaking eighth…
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