Goldstraw, John Basil


Goldstraw, John Basil
John B Goldstraw
J B Goldstraw


Two oral history interviews with Basil Goldstraw (1925 - 2023). He served as a fitter with 75 Squadron at RAF Mepal, before being posted to Singapore.




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Goldstraw, BJ

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Basil Goldstraw was born in Buxton, Derbyshire. He joined the RAF at the age of seventeen to do a motor mechanics apprenticeship. He wanted to join aircrew but was grounded due to a medical condition. After training at Number 3 School of Technical…

Basil Goldstraw was classed as medically unfit for aircrew and following training as a fitter, he was posted to 75 Squadron at RAF Mepal. He discusses aspects of his work as a fitter, being bombed, and life on and off the station. He was posted to…
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