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Eaves, Theo
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3 Items. An oral history interview with Theo Eaves (b. 1922, 1580135 Royal Air Force) and two photographs of Wellington and crew. After training as a wireless operator he served on 142 Squadron flying Wellingtons in Italy in 1944.
The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Julian Maslin and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.


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Eaves, T

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In accordance with the conditions stipulated by the donor, this item is available only at the University of Lincoln.

Five aircrew and Wellington
Five aircrew in various uniform, two with flying helmets, four standing and one kneeling behind the wing of a Wellington. On the reverse 'July 1944'.

Five aircrew and a Wellington
Four aircrew standing on a ladder under the cockpit of a Wellington. Another aircrew member is looking out of an open cockpit window. The man on the left is smoking a cigarette. On the reverse 'July 1944, crew, Wellington, L London. Elles Belles'.
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