Cuthbert, John


Cuthbert, John
J Cuthbert


Three items. An oral history interview with John Cuthbert (3006396 Royal Air Force) and two photographs. He flew operations as a mid-upper gunner with 189 Squadron from RAF Fulbeck.




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Cuthbert, J

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John Cutherbert's crew
Seven RAF Aircrew in front of Lancaster CA-M partial serial number; “NG41[?]. John Cuthbert is second from the left.

Flight sergeant Cuthbert with aircrew and ground personnel
Eleven RAF personnel, some in flight gear, in front of a Lancaster with some of them sitting on bombs on a bomb trolley. John Cuthbert is second from right.

John Cuthbert joined the RAF and initially trained as a wireless operator / air gunner but re-mustered as an air gunner. After training he was posted to 189 Squadron at RAF Fulbeck and flew operations as a mid-upper gunner. He talks about his…
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