Szuwalska, Wanda


Szuwalska, Wanda
W Szuwalska
Wanda Gawel


Five items. An oral history interview with Wanda Szuwalska (- 2020, 2793043 Royal Air Force). She travelled to Great Britain from Poland and served as a clerk and a driver with 300 Squadron.




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Szuwalska, W

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Wanda Szuwalska's Wedding
Wanda Szuwalska and her groom, on their wedding day. Both are in uniform, Wanda has a small bouquet.

Wanda Szuwalska's Wedding
Wanda Szuwalska and her groom kneeling before a priest on their wedding day.

Wanda Szuwalska's Wedding
Black and white landscape group photograph of several airmen and airwomen gathered in a group photograph, some sitting, some standing taken with a Nissan hut in the background, Wanda Szuwalska at the front centre of photograph is holding a bouquet.

Brief Statement of Service and Certificate of Discharge
RAF Form 1304 issued to Wanda Gawel. Discharged on compassionate grounds.

Interview with Wanda Szuwalska
Wanda Szuwalska was sixteen years old when Germany invaded Poland. The family was deported to Siberia by the Russian army. They travelled for several weeks to the Arkhangelsk region where Wanda then worked as a logger. When war intensified between…
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