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White, Roy
Roy McPherson White
Roy M White
Roy White
R M White
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Eight items. An oral history interview with Roy McPherson White (1925 - 2018, 3006061 Royal Air Force), his log book, Service and Release Book, and five photographs. He joined the RAF in 1943 and after training, served as a wireless operator until 1947.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Roy White and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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White, RM

Collection Items

Large group of airmen in Aden
Four rows of airmen arranged in front of a Wellington aircraft. On the reverse 'Aden 1947' and printed 'A.M. Crown copyright Reserved'.

No 13 Air Gunners School, RAF Ballah
Ten airmen arranged in two rows. The front row is seated, the back row standing. Many have signallers' half brevets. It is captioned -
'No 13 Air Gunners School
Emergency Course No. 31
Evans, Kite, McFadzean, Needham, O'Bee, Warner, White,…

Roy White
Roy White in uniform with a side cap and training flash.

Wellington Crew
Eight RAF and Army servicemen in tropical dress, four sitting on a bench and four standing behind. All have their arms crossed. On the reverse (first row standing, second row seated) -
'The Crew
Left to Right
Johnny - George - Jimmy -…

Seven airmen sitting on the grass
A group of seven airmen (six in tropical uniform) sitting on the grass, behind is a jeep with two more airmen sitting on it and dog. Further behind are saloon cars and spectators in civilian clothes. The airmen are wearing shorts . On the reverse is…

Roy White’s RAF Flying Log Book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners and flight engineers
Roy White’s RAF Flying Log Book from 15th March 1944 to 16th April 1947, detailing his training and duties as a wireless operator.
He was stationed at RAF Yatesbury (No.2 Radio School), RAF Aqir (No. 76 Operational Training Unit and No. 26…

Roy White's Service and Release book
Service and Release Book, issued to Roy White. It includes his first medical and a short physical description of him. He served from 30 August 1943 to 16 June 1947.

Roy White was born in Perth, Scotland but grew up in London. He joined the Air Training Corps, went on as a volunteer reserve and then served as an air gunner in the RAF. Tells of his brother serving in Coastal Command and surviving an aircraft…
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