Mawdsley, Ted and Ethel


Mawdsley, Ted and Ethel
Edward and Ethel Mawdsley
Edward Mawdsley
Ted Mawdsley
E Mawdsely
Ethel Mawdsley


One oral history interview with Edward "Ted" Mawdsley (1920 - 2016). He served as ground personnel with 103 Squadron.

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Relates how they met and courted and continues with description of work and life in wartime while in Deptford in London. Mentions being bombed out and going to shelters. Continues with their marriage in Sidcup and details of life and family after the…

Ted grew up in Essex. Before the war he worked for the Marconi Wireless and Telegraph Company. He joined the Royal Air Force in 1940 and became an instrument mechanic. He was posted to RAF Elsham Wolds in 1942 and overseas the following year. After…
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