Kroese, Frederik


Kroese, Frederik
Frederik Kroese
Frederik W Kroese
F W Kroese
F Kroese


Four items. An oral history interview with Frederik Willem Kroese (b. 1924), a memoir, a cartoon and an empty packet of V cigarettes. Frederik Kroese was a member of the Dutch resistance. He acted as a courier and helped airmen evade capture.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Frederik Kroese and catalogued by Barry Hunter.



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Kroese, FW

Collection Items

Frederik Willem Kroese
A memoir about Frederik Kroese's wartime activities. There is a brief biography followed by a portrait of Frederik.

Included are photographs of a number of items: his fake ID card, a permit allowing him to use a bicycle, an official numbered…

De verhouding tusschen werkloosheid en grootte der bevolking cartoon
The relation between unemployment and size of the population. A cartoon comparing the number of unemployed to the size of the population for Germany, USA, Great Britain and France.

Cigarette packet
An empty Dutch victory cigarette packet. These were dropped over the Netherlands to celebrate the Dutch Queen's birthday.

Interview with Frederik Kroese
Frederik Willem Kroese describes his work for the Resistance in the Netherlands following the German occupation.
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