Kelly, Dennis Vaughn


Kelly, Dennis Vaughn
Dennis Vaughn Kelly
Dennis V Kelly
Dennis Kelly
D V Kelly


Eight items concerning Flying Officer Dennis Vaughn Kelly (- 2019, 418751 Royal Australian Air Force) who served as a wireless operator on 467 Squadron Lancasters. His aircraft was shot down in July 1944 and crashed in France after which he evaded capture and returned to the United Kingdom. Collection consist of an oral history interview, telegrams, official letters and photographs.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Denis Vaugh Kelly and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Kelly, D

Collection Items

Dennis Kelly and family
A man in khaki uniform with half wing brevet stands holding a boy in his right arm.. He has his arm round a woman to the right. Taken in courtyard with part of building visible behind. Captioned 'Denis, Phyl and Den Kelly' '1945 home at last together…

Airman with air gunner brevet
Head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing battledress with air gunner brevet. Signed '[...] all my love Ned [..]'.

Dennis Kelly commissioning scroll
Appointing Dennis Vaughan Kelly officer of the citizen air force of the commonwealth from 17 July 1944. Signed on 23 December 1946.

Letter to Dennis Kelly's wife from casualty section department of air
Informing her that as her husband is reported missing as a result of air operations on 19 July 1944, his motor car could not be easily stored or returned to Australia. It would be kept for three months and then sold and proceeds held on his behalf.…

Letter to Dennis Kelly from Air Member for Personnel and caterpillar club card
Letter of appreciation for his service from Air Force Board of the Royal Australian Air Force. At the bottom a Caterpillar club certificate of membership made out to F/O D V Kelly.

Telegram to Dennis Kelly's wife
Informing her that her husband previously reported missing has arrived safely back in United Kingdom on 6 September 1944.

Telegram to Dennis Kelly's wife
Informing her that Dennis Kelly had been admitted to sick quarters at RAF Waddington on 24 June 1944 as he suffered a slight concussion while on air operations in Lancaster.

Interview with Dennis Kelly
Dennis Kelly grew up in Australia and joined the Royal Australian Air Force aged 18. He flew operations as a wireless operator / air gunner with 467 Squadron from RAF Binbrook. His aircraft was shot down over France and he evaded capture with the…
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