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Ganney, Keith
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23 items. An oral history interview with Flying Officer Keith Ganney (b. 1922, 1324929 Royal Air Force), his log books, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a bomb aimer with 57 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Keith Ganney and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Ganney, K

Collection Items

Keith Ganney's Royal Canadian Air Force flying log book for aircrew other than pilot. Two
Flying log book for aircrew other than pilot for K Ganney, Air Bomber, covering the period from 29 May 1943 to 24 August 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Brough, RCAF Paulson, RCAF…

Damaged Whistle
A photograph of a whistle damaged during an operation. Attached on a separate image is a story about the whistle.

Three Cheers for the Man on the Ground
A poem about ground crew.

J Vasey’s pilot’s log book
Pilot’s flying log book for J Vasey covering the period from 20 July 1942 to 28 April 1946. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as pilot. He was stationed at RAF Cambridge (22 EFTS) RCAF Neepawa (35 EFTS), RCAF Weyburn (41 SFTS), RAF…

Keith Ganney's log book. One
Pilots flying log book for K Ganney, covering the period from 7 December 1942 to 16 April 1943. Detailing his flying training. It also lists his flying prior to log book. He was stationed at RAF Brough, RCAF Davidson and RCAF Dauphin. Aircraft flown…

Two Squadron Photographs
A large group of airmen and ground crew arranged in four rows in front of a hangar. On the ground is a covering of snow.

Sergeant Airman
Unidentified airman standing on a lawn in front of wooden buildings. On the reverse 'All my love, Bruce xx' and stamped 'Carharts "High Hat"'

Keith Ganney and Cornell
Keith standing beside a Cornell trainer. The ground is snow covered. On the reverse 'Cornell Trainer'.

Keith Ganney
Keith in flying suit, helmet and parachute, standing in the snow.

One Airman
One unidentified airman dressed in Sidcot suit, helmet and sunglasses, standing in a snowy landscape. Behind is a wooden hut.

Twenty One Trainee Airmen
21 trainees arranged in three rows.

Sixteen Trainee Airmen
16 airmen arranged in two groups. The image is annotated '282'. Keith is back row, 2nd from right. On the reverse are 16 signatures.

Keith Ganney
A half-length portrait of Keith as a trainee.

Keith Ganney
Full length portrait of Keith as a trainee standing on a snowy path. On the reverse 'Don't I look dim!'

Sergeant George Hillier
A half length portrait of George in uniform.

Sergeant George Hardy
Half length portrait of George in uniform. On the reverse 'George Hardy'.

Jack Vasey and Wife
The couple are dressed for a wedding, with floral buttonholes. On the reverse 'Jack Vasey (skipper) & Wife 57 Sqdn'.

Four Crew at Wedding of Vic Lowell
Four men in suits with buttonholes. On the reverse are their names 'Jack Vasey, Vic Lewell, George Hardy, George Hillier at Vic Lewells wedding'.

Six poems
Six poems, five written by Water Scott of 630 Squadron. The poems recall East Kirkby, Lancasters, lost aircrew, a memorial tree with a brass plate, an old airfield and a crew reunion.

Memories of a Lancaster Bomber Raid
An account of an operation to Trondheim, Norway. The attack was aborted because of the danger of hitting Norwegian civilians. On the return they hit the sea and lost the tailwheel and H2S radar dome.

Keith Ganney's Travel Permit
A permit allowing Keith to travel to the United States.

Keith Ganney's After Lunch Speech
A speech given by Keith. He recalls his 30 operations and his time training at Scarborough, Brough and Canada. Initially a pilot he was reassigned as a bomb aimer. He was posted to East Kirkby. He details some of his operations.

Interview with Keith Ganney
Keith was called up in February 1942 and after basic training learned to fly in the Tiger Moth and then sent to Davidson in Canada for further training in Cornells and Cranes. He failed a flying test and was remustered as a bomb aimer and sent back…
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