Ure, Ivan Lochlyn


Ure, Ivan Lochlyn
I L Ure


27 items. The collection concerns Ivan Lochlyn Ure (b. 1922, 1323004 Royal Air Force) and contains his memoirs, prisoner of war log, correspondence, documents, and photographs. He flew operations as an air gunner with 10 Squadron before he became a prisoner of war.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Tim and Heather Wright and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Ure, IL

Collection Items

The Wire
A photocopy of the prison wire with huts behind.

Stage Coach Sketch
A pencil drawing sketch of a stage coach being pulled by two horses.

Woman on Bicycle
A woman cycling a bike. On the reverse is a printer's stamp '05 83'.

Halifax JD198 Work Sheet
AM Form 78 with the information that the aircraft is missing.

Part Brass Rubbing
A small sheet of paper with part of a brass rubbing.

Cloth with 'C' Sewn On
A piece of cloth with the letter C sewn on.

Toll Bridge and Langstone Harbour, Hayling Island
A postcard of a bridge with a single cyclist on it.

Hayling Island bridge
A beach scene with a horse pulling a cart with several passengers on.

Identification kindly provided by Chris Mountain of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group group.

Man Standing on Rocks
A man standing on rocks at a beach. He is wearing a cloth cap and jacket.

Ivan Ure's House, Hayling Island
A detached house at 21 St Margarets Road, Hayling Island.
On the reverse 'Grand-dad 12 hour Cold Cure 2 Bottles [indecipherable]'.
There is a second slightly different image.

Halifax Leaving on an operation
A port side view of a Halifax departing at dusk, watched by nine men.
On the reverse '10 Squadron Halifax 1942 Taking off on operation. Property of Ivan Ure [redacted].

Three Halifaxes in Flight
A port side view of three Halifaxes in flight.
On the reverse 'Not[underlined] a nice way to fly 1943 10 Squadron Property of Ivan Ure [redacted].

Halifax under maintenance
A port side view of a Halifax on dispersal under maintenance. On the reverse 'Marston Moor 1942/3 Property of Ivan Ure, [redacted]. Question: How many working on the aircraft "E" for Edward? No prize'.

26 Trainee Airmen
The 26 men are grouped in three rows on the pavement outside Mrs Baker 35 Tottingham House.
On the reverse 'Blackpool 1941 I wonder how many made it. Property of Ivan Ure, Hayling Island'. And on a post-it 'subject back row 5th from left'.

Halifax Squadron Group Photo
A squadron grouped in front of a Halifax.
On the reverse is a signature [indecipherable].

Ivan Ure
A head and shoulders portrait of Ivan wearing his Air Gunner brevet. On the reverse 'subject' and '1940'.

Bushey Park Group Photographs
Two photographs of groups of German POWs at Bushey Park.
On the reverse 'Top Pic. Subject front row 5th from left' and 'Bottom Pic. Subject front row centre- in uniform Bushey Park'.

London Crowds 'See in' The Official VE Day
Daily Express newspaper report on VE day.

Certificate entitling Ivan Ure to wear Training Flash
Ivan's training flash certificate.

Unused Prisoner of War Letter
Blank letter form

Unused Kreigsgfangenenpost Postcard
A blank prisoner of war postcard

Postcard to Mr D Bloodworth
A colour postcard of a Halifax. The message reads that Dad has just arrived.

Letter to Ivan Ure from Fred
Fred was a prisoner of war at Bushey Park. He thanks him for the gift of a pipe and describes his return to Germany.
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