Clare, Derek


Clare, Derek


7 items. The collection concerns Group Captain Derek Clare DFC (1920 - 2006, 103536 Royal Air Force) and contains photographs, a small dog mascot and escape compass. He flew operations as a navigator with 75 Squadron and served with 524 Squadron, Coastal Command. Derek joined the Royal Air Force in 1939 and retired with the rank of Group Captain in 1974.

The collection was donated to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Victoria Gleed and catalogued by Lynn Corrigan.



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Clare, D

Collection Items

Derek Clare
A head and shoulders portrait of Derek in uniform wearing his navigator's brevet and his ribbons including Distinguished Flying Cross and single oak leaf. On the reverse 'Derek Clare S no 103536'.

Derek Clare in uniform
bareheaded leading aircraftman standing in the garden of a house. On the reverse 'Derek Clare Service no:- 103536'.

Derek Clare
A head and shoulders portrait of Derek in uniform showing his observer's brevet and ribbons, including for the Distinguished Flying Cross. On the reverse is a stamp from the photography studio of Edward C Partridge and annotated '5874/2' and 'Derek…

Evading compass
A small compass with a star rotor which accompanied Derek during his service career. Additional information about this item has been provided by the donor.

Fido the dog mascot
A brown cloth dog mascot, sat on his hind legs with brown glass eyes and a black button nose. He is wearing a red collar and a black felt beret style hat and has a wooden pipe in his mouth supported by his front paws.

A letter from Derek's daughter
Describing her visit to the International Bomber Command Centre. and the donation of her father's collection to the archive. She explains that the mascot and compass accompanied her father during his career as a navigator in the Royal Air Force. He…

Derek's service career
A summary of Derek's career in the Royal Air Force including an explanation why he he carried a rabbit foot mascot in his flying suit. Explains that his flying log books are held by the National War Museum in London. Describes Derek's disappointment…
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