Teasdale, Audrey


Teasdale, Audrey
Audrey Pitts


21 items. An oral history interview with Audrey Teasdale (b. 1923, 2135963 Royal Air Force) and photographs. She served as a WAAF in the officers' mess at RAF Waddington.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Audrey Teasdale and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Teasdale, A

Collection Items

467 Squadron (RAAF) Waddington 1943
A brief story about the crew of 'M for Mother'. It includes details of the crew and a photograph of the crew in flying kit at the nose of their aircraft.

Audrey Pitts and Family
A group of nine of Audrey and family. They are sitting in front of a nissen hut.

20 Airmen and Women
A group of airmen and airwomen arranged in three rows around a wooden fence.

Three Airmen and a Woman
A group of four sitting on snow with a couple of dogs. One man has a cross over his head.

Five WAAFs
Five WAAFs sitting on the grass. one is wearing a white coat.

ACW Pitts Invitation to Dance at Waddington's Sergeants' Mess
An invite to a Dance for Audrey. It is annotated '467 Sqd Last Dance'.

Four Airmen
A studio portrait of four airmen. Bottom left is identified as Matt O'Leary.
Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Seven Airmen
The seven airmen are in flying kit and are standing underneath their Lancaster.

Seven Airmen on the Mid-Upper Turret
The seven airmen are sat on top of the fuselage at the mid-upper turret of Lancaster 'J'.

Ten Airmen
Ten airmen and ground crew standing at the front of their Lancaster 'J'. Their operations are in the form of a triangle on the nose. Each operation is a painted kangaroo.

Six Airmen and Rear Gunner
#1 is six airmen standing at the back of '?O-V'
#2 is the rear gunner in a Lancaster.

Terry King
A three quarter length image of an airman.
Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Three WAAFs
Two photographs of three WAAFs.
On the reverse of one is 'Audrey Lily Doris'.

WAAFs and Airman
Seven WAAFs and a pilot. On the reverse 'Ruby Mildred Gwen, Joyce Georgie, Audrey, F/O Johns, Nora (James Nana)'.

#1 is seven WAAFs. On the reverse-
'Joyce Mildred Ruby Gwen
Nora Georgie
#2 is Audrey. On the reverse 'NAAFI HQ Gardens'.

WAAFs and Airmen
#1 is five WAAFs in great coats. Behind is a sign saying 'Whitehall'.
#2 is the same photograph but the individuals are named 'Florence Dorothy Audrey Lil Elsie'.
#3 is seven WAAFs and one airman arranged in two rows.
#4 is seven WAAFs and a…

Three WAAFs
#1 is a full length portrait of three WAAFs, including Audrey.
#2 is Audrey sitting on a desk.

Seven Airmen
Seven airmen in flying kit, standing at the nose of Lancaster, S for Sugar.

Lancaster Celebrations
A large group of celebrating airmen at the front of Lancaster PO-S R5868. The men are cheering the Lancaster after its 100th operation. On its nose is 'No enemy aircraft will fly over the Reich territory. Hermann Goering'.

Lancaster and Bomb Load
A port side view of Lancaster PO-S R5868 with a bomb load ready to be loaded.

Interview with Audrey Teasdale
Audrey left school at 14 and began work as a clerical assistant for a tailoring firm in Leeds, then moving into furniture sales.
Audrey was 23 when the war started and was conscripted on 15 December 1942 electing to join the Women's Auxiliary Air…
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