Pickford, Leslie. Scrapbook


Pickford, Leslie. Scrapbook


Nine items. Book containing prisoner of war cartoons, theatre program and documents.




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Pickford, L

Collection Items

Parcel Store Cartoon
A prisoner smoking all his cigarettes at once. It is captioned 'The next step - all cigarettes parcels will be smoked at the store'. He is watched over by a guard.

Prison Camp Bunks
A sketch of a prisoner lying on the bottom bunk. On top is another prisoner of war sleeping. His greatcoat is hung at the end of the bunk.

The Last Celebration
A cartoon of a prisoner with a glass and a bottle. He is jumping for joy over a wrecked building.

Parcel Domani Waiting Day
A cartoon of a prisoner waiting for food and a parcel. He is dreaming of roast chicken.

89 Hut
A sketch of the hut that Les stayed in. Forested mountains behind.

Theatre d'Abri Programme and Ticket
Both sides of a programme for a revue and a ticket.

Les Pickford Leave Pass
A pass allowing Les to have 24 hours leave.

Letter to Les Pickford from The Goldfish Club
The letter advises that Les has been elected into the Goldfish Club.

Album Covers
Two cardboard covers. The front has Snapshots embossed on.
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