Robinson, George


Robinson, George


Nine items. The collection concerns AC1 George Robinson (1623526 Royal Air Force) and contains correspondence and photographs. He served as ground personnel with 514 Squadron and was killed 1 May 1944 when the aircraft he was in crashed in the Channel while on an air experience flight.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Geraldine Wells and catalogued by Andy Fitter.

Additional information on George Robinson is available IBCC Losses Database.




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Robinson, G-2

Collection Items

George Robinson
A head and shoulders portrait of George Robinson in uniform with white training flash on his field service cap.
On the reverse is written: "From Mrs R Tempest Wilsford Nr Grantham. Please return this" and in a different hand: "To Eileen. All my…

200 airmen
A group of some 200 airmen in uniform, seated and standing in ten rows in front of a hedge, behind which is a building.
On the reverse is written: "I'm in the corner as usual" and "Freddie My mate is on the other side of this hole". There are also…

George Robinson and a woman
A full length portrait of George Robinson and a woman. She is wearing a dark dress, jacket and hat. He is in uniform with a button hole flower. They are standing close together, arm in arm and smiling.
On the reverse is the Betta Photos LTD stamp…

George Robinson
A worn envelope on which is written: "Mr G Robinson R.A.F. Papers".

Telegram to Mrs RE Tempest.
The telegram also contains handwritten text: "MISSING April 29, 1944" and is date stamped 2 May 44.
The reverse has some handwritten text: [unclear]…

Letter from 514 Squadron RAF to Mrs RE Tempest
Letter confirming that her son, George Robinson, is missing, presumed dead and describing the circumstances surrounding his loss. It is dated 13 May 1944 and carries the reference: "514/C.2051/10/P.1." Most of the text is typed but a handwritten…

Wilsford Airman Missing
A newspaper cutting about George Robinson being reported missing. It briefly describes the circumstances and gives some details about his late father, his recent marriage and his education.

Letter from the Air Ministry to Mrs RE Tempest
Letter summarising the instructions for collecting a voluntary payment with respect to George Robinson being officially reported missing.
The letter has the subject heading: "1623526 A.C.1. E.G. ROBINSON" and carries the references: "ROBINSON…

George Robinson, certificate of death
Typewritten certificate recording that George Robinson was reported missing and is presumed to have lost his life on 1 May 1944. It carries the references: "P.416631/7/44/P.4.B.7" and "D 39249-1 10,000 D/d 8347 9/45 PRP".
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