Abbott, E R


Abbott, E R
Ronnie Abbott


30 items. The collection concerns Squadron Leader E R "Ronnie" Abbott DSO DFM (b. 1913 - 1992, 44877 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, correspondence, documents, objects, photographs and an Album of 70 pages.

He enlisted in 1929 and trained at RAF Halton serving as an engine fitter in the Middle East 1934 -1936. He became a prisoner of war after being posted missing flying in a Battle in 50 Squadron. Post war he served at RAF Swinderby and Khartoum.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Lindsey Sutton and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Abbott, ER

Collection Items

Lieutenant Robert Johnson Abbott in front of Ship's Gun Turrets
Ronnie Abbott's father. A Sub-Lieutenant standing in front of four large guns. On the front is a handwritten message with 'HMS Orion'.
On the reverse is 'What do you go on all done by myself [indecipherable]'

Additional information about this…

List of Names and Addresses
A list of 14 names and addresses, most in England but two in Canada.

Airman Pointing to Belgium
An airman pointing out Belgium on a large map of Western Europe.

32 Men
A group of 32 men arranged in three rows. On the reverse 'middle row 4 left'.

Vickers Valetta Nose
The front of a Valetta named 'Tel Special'.

Airmen and airwomen
Five men and two WAAFs outside an RAF building. R E Abbott is second from the left.

Five Pilots
Two identical images of Five airmen, the middle one holding a dog.
On the first the second from the left is annotated 'Rodney Coker', the third (holding the dog) is annotated 'Pete (cheers all the best) Tunstall' and the fifth is annotated 'Jim…

Two Men playing Cards
Two men at a desk playing cards. The image is blurred.

Airman in Bed
An airman sleeping on a bed. On the reverse is 'TB Hospital?'

Two Airmen in a Bed
Two men in a single bed.

Several buildings, single and two storeys.

E R Abbott
A head and shoulders portrait of Squadron Leader Abbott. On the reverse is 'Whiskers? to be or not to be? JD Bennet Bradford 65516'.

Five Airmen and Three Men
The group of eight are standing outside a pub with a sign 'Ye Olde [indecipherable] Flute'.

Six Airmen Drinking
Six airmen in khaki and shorts drinking beer and spirits on a terrace. Squadron Leader Abbott is on the right.

Mohamed Imeda Abdallah Business Card
A card used by Mohamed offering his services.
The reverse has handwritten notes.

E R Abbott and person in costume
The couple are standing at the entrance to a building. The man is dressed in khaki and shorts.

Airmen and Locals
A group of airmen dressed in shorts, khaki and pith helmets, watched by boys.

RAF Khormakser
A large building at the RAF base.

E R Abbott and three Airmen
Four airmen relaxing outside around a table.

Camel Caravan
Ten camels on a desert track. On the reverse 'Aden 1935. Camel caravan on desert road'.

Statue of Ibrahim Pasha, Cairo
A postcard of the Ibrahim Pasha statue in Cairo. The reverse is printed as a postcard.

A band
16 members of an airmen's band playing on stage.

Aunt Sally
A stall set up with an Aunt Sally game. It is decorated with RAF roundels and wings and the words 'Can you drop 'em?' Try it'.

Cast of "Microphone Mania"
Four photographs from Microphone Mania.
#1 Eight members of the cast of a musical.
On the reverse 'Cast of "Microphone Mania" produced at Khormaksar - 1935 by No 8 (B) Sqd'. ER Abbott is fourth from the right wearing a blazer.
#2 There is a second…

Cleopatra's Court
#1 A scene from the play with Cleopatra, Ladies in Waiting and Heralds. On the reverse 'Cleopatra - Slaves - Ladies in Waiting & Heralds. Boat night 1934'.
#2 Cleopatra and her entourage are seated with "Nero" and his guard. On the reverse 'Roman…
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