Foskett, William


Foskett, William


104 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant William Foskett (b. 1921, 13230505 Royal Air Force) and contains his log books, correspondence, documents, and photographs.

He flew operations as an air gunner and navigator with 214 Squadron. After the war, he was stationed in Italy, France, Germany and North Africa.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Peter Foskett and catalogued by Barry Hunter with the assistance of Roberto Bassi of the Aeroclub Friulano Campoformido.




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Foskett, W

Collection Items

Bill Foskett
Bill Foskett standing on the balcony of the Udine airfield control tower.

Udine airfield control tower
A man standing on the balcony of the Udine-Campoformido airfield control tower. On the reverse 'The New Tower'.

Udine airfield
View of the Campoformido airfield control tower, the Pasian di Prato bell tower is visible in the distance. On the reverse 'My Domain'.

Udine airfield
Oblique aerial views of Udine Campoformido airfield. On the reverse ' "My Domain from the Air" while still under construction. Udine Feb 1946'.

Bill Foskett
A head and shoulders portrait of Bill, with bomb aimer brevet.

Bill Foskett and Five Airmen
The six airmen are sitting on an old cannon amidst a snowy landscape. On the reverse 'Just qualified as Sergeant Observers. This is the only photo of me (at the back without a cap) with stripes & 1/2 wing as at the time I was unaware that I had been…

Bill Foskett, Outside a tent
Bill, in khaki uniform, standing outside his tent. The tent is stamped 'US'.
On the reverse is a photographer stamp 'McCollum's Photoshop'.

No 11 Flight "C" Squadron, Newquay
A group photograph of trainees arranged in four rows. On the reverse ' Newquay February 1942. No 11 Flight "C" Squadron. Winners of Drill Cup and PS Cup & first to bring off the "double" in the wing. W. Foskett'.

B-17 Flying Fortress
A side view of an RAF B-17.
On the reverse 'Original "A" for Apple "Upside down over Karlsruhe." Line!!!! Freedom 733 F/Lt Howard Florence or Rome. 4th Hussars Maj. Wheeler Trieste Peter Robinson [indecipherable]'

Bill Foskett
A head and shoulders portrait of Bill wearing a trainee's cap.

Cairo Rioters Burn and Loot
A newspaper cutting about civil unrest after the Balfour Declaration.

Issue of Campaign Stars, Clasps and Medals
A letter advising Bill that his France & Germany clasp is enclosed.

QGH Procedure RAF Northolt
An aircraft procedure to be used, on request, at Northolt.

Movement Authorisation
The authorisation allows Bill and a colleague to fly to Venice Lide.

Babies Anti-Gas Helmets
Advice that the helmet can be collected.

Travels East
A sketch map of locations where Bill served in the RAF: Bari, Benghazi, Cairo, Calais, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Karlsruhe, Lille, London, Marseilles, Montmédy, Munich, Naples, Roma, Saarbrucken, Stuttgart, Trieste, Tripoli, Udine, and Venice.

Bill Foskett
A colourised head and shoulders image of Bill with his bomb aimer's brevet.

Bill Foskett
Bill is sitting writing a letter. It is captioned 'Writing my last letter home. Campoformido Officers Mess Garden July 1946'.

Bill Foskett and Colleague in the Snow
The two men are standing in deep snow.

Bill Foskett and Pilot
The two men are looking out of a curtained window.

Two Airmen in Flying Kit
Two airmen wearing Sidcot suits, parachute harnesses and flying helmets.

Three Airmen
Three men in khaki having a drink at the bar.

Bill Foskett and three colleagues
Four men standing on the pavement at the side of the road in front of the 'Voisin' hangar. On the reverse 'F/O Chris Taylor F/O Stan Edwards Ft/Lt "Willy"Williams Ft/Lt Me'.

Bill Foskett and Colleague in Venice
The two airmen are walking in Venice on Riva degli Schiavoni, wearing sunglasses. In the background, Chiesa della Pietà and Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II.

Identification kindly provided by Marco Zannini of the 'Avvenimenti e Battaglie della…

Bill Foskett and Two Colleagues
The three men are trainees and are standing at a railway crossing.
On the reverse 'Fred, Bill & Jeff. On the lines by the base at Moncton, May 42'.
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