Camlin, Alan Edwin


Camlin, Alan Edwin


7 items. The collection concerns Alan Edwin Camlin DFM (196717 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, correspondence, documents, and objects. He flew operations as an air gunner with 7 Squadron.

The collection also contains John Francis Bank's log book and other papers. He flew operations as a bomb aimer with 192 Squadron.

The collection was donated to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Janet Camlin and catalogued by Lynn Corrigan.




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Camlin, AE

Collection Items

John Francis Bank's papers
Correspondence returning John's flying log book and a piece of war medal ribbon to which he was entitled, his RAF service health records, a certified copy of his attestation, a signed farewell menu from 47 Squadron and his service and release…

John Francis Bank's observer's and air gunner's flying log book
The observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Flight Lieutenant John Francis Banks, born I July 1922, (1578295 Royal Air Force) from 28 March 1943 to 9 April 1946. Detailing his training and operations flown. Served at 41 Air School South…

Identity tags and aircrew whistle
Two octagonal green and two round red identity discs with an aircrew whistle issued to Alan Camlin. The tags are stamped with his name, rank, religion and service number. The whistle is engraved on one side '293/14/L1795' and on the other 'A.M…

Pathfinder Club car badge<br /><br />
An eagle in flight on a light blue background with a circle of dark blue, with text 'The Pathfinder Club'.

7 Squadron crest
Depiction of the constellation Ursa Major with the motto 'by day and by night'.

Recognition aid
Information provided to servicemen should they encounter Russian troops. It provides advice on how to act on contact and includes the Russian phrase for 'I am English'.

Alan Edwin Camlin&#039;s observer&#039;s and air gunner&#039;s flying log book
Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Alan Edwin Camlin, air gunner, covering the period 12 November 1943 to 12 January 1946 and detailing his training and operations flown. He was stationed at No.7 Air Gunner School RAF Stormy Down, No.11…
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