Cross, Kathleen


Cross, Kathleen
Cross, K
Norris, Kathleen
Norris, K


Seven items. The collection concerns Corporal Kathleen Cross (b. 1922, 2053477 Royal Air Force) and contains documents, photographs and items of uniform. She served as a mess steward in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

This collection includes one album with newspaper cuttings, photographs and postcards covering RAF personnel and establishments in West Malling, Penarth and Peterborough.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Karen Scarcliffe and catalogued by Lynn Corrigan.




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Cross, K

Collection Items

Kathleen Cross
Full length studio portrait of Corporal Kathleen Cross in uniform.

Kathleen Cross
Mounted full length studio portrait of Kathleen together with her Royal Air Force cap badge, eagle badge, identity tags and decorations. Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-45. Labelled 'Corporal Kathleen Norris nee Cross 1940-1945'.

Kathleen Cross
Bareheaded head and shoulder portrait of Kathleen in uniform showing her corporal stripes.

Personnel at Penarth
24 Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel with one Royal Air Force sergeant. He sits in between eight women on the front row with two rows, each of eight, standing behind. Annotated 'Ivor E Lewis' 'Penarth'.

The reverse has short messages and a…

Kathleen Cross' uniform
Kathleen Cross' size 5 uniform consisting of skirt, jacket, with corporal stripes, and hat. Labelled: 'Cross 2053477'.

Kathleen Cross's service and release book
Service and release book of Mess Steward Kathleen Cross from 10 April 1946 to 13 February 1946. The statement reads 'Corporal Cross has worked hard throughout her service career and her conduct has been very good'.

Photograph album
Back cover of a photograph album with string fastenings.

Invitation and menu
Invitation to Corporal Cross to the Christmas party at RAF Sutton Bridge officer's mess; menu for a Boxing Day meal served at RAF West Malling officer's mess.

On the left, a postcard captioned 'Peterborough Cathedral.
On the right, a postcard captioned 'Parish Church, Sutton Bridge'.

On the left, a postcard captioned 'View from Penarth Head',
On the right, a postcard captioned 'The Esplanade, Penarth'.

West Malling
Left, an external view of the Manor House; and a postcard captioned 'The Manor House, West Malling'; right, a view captioned 'The Library'.

Addington Place
On the left, a postcard captioned 'Main Hall, Addington Hall'.
On the right, a postcard captioned 'A Drawing Room at Addington Park'.

Addington Place
On the left, a postcard of the south view; on the right, a postcard of the main entrance.

On the left, a postcard of St. Leonard's Street and lake at West Malling; on the right, a postcard of Addington Place and St. Margaret's Church.

West Malling
On the left, a photograph of a postcard with views of St Leonard's and Abbey Towers, the high street, water pump and St. Mary's church; on the right, a postcard of the view looking up the high street.

A group of seven Women's Royal Auxiliary Force and three Royal Air Force personnel. One woman is in the arms of one of the men with the others crouching in front of the other women. The group is standing outside a corrugated and a wooden building. On…

Photograph of two men in uniform standing together in front of a corrugated and a wooden building. Annotated 'Frank Davies' and 'Henry'. The second page has a photograph depicting seven women in skirts, shirts and ties. Some are wearing work coats.…

Personnel and wedding
Annotated 'West Malling' 'Lena Smith' a photograph of her in uniform, with corporal stripes, sitting on steps with metal railings leading to the open door of a brick building. On the second page, annotated ' Edna Evans (Sutton Bridge) and Leslie…

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel
On a page annotated 'West Malling', eight head and shoulder portraits of Beryl Day, Pat Wilson, Kitty Argent, Joyce Donnelly, Iris Perks, Kitty (Yttie) Hanbrick, Pat Mead and Hilda Sladdin, seven of whom are in uniform. A second page annotated 'West…

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel
Six head and shoulder portraits of uniformed personnel annotated 'Hilda Jaquest, Betty Davies, Grace Allen, Betty Gay, Ivy King and Marjorie Crust'. On the second page is a full length photograph annotated ' Pat Dickens'. She is bare footed, wearing…

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel
Ten head and shoulder portraits, eight in uniform. Annotated on page one Kay Clarke, Sybil Orman, Edie Nash, Pat (Eve) McKenzie and Dorothy Tidpory. On page two, Pauline Leach, Irene Hill, Pat Dickens, Peggy Hammond and Connie Conzina. Both pages…

Newspaper cuttings
Report on recruiting and reforming squadron including photograph of Flight Lieutenant Mellersh, Mr Proudlove, and Squadron Leader Norman Hayes. Photograph of Group Captain John Cunningham following record breaking flights.

Ditching of Flight Lieutenant Frank Butterfield and 85 Squadron photograph
Reporting on the ditching of Flight Lieutenant Frank Butterfield and the plotting of the course of his return by his wife and him collecting his honours at Buckingham Palace. A photograph of 21 airmen in three rows; four seated on the ground, four in…

Penarth and RAF Peterborough
A photograph of 24 members of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in three rows; the first row of eight sat either side of a member of the Royal Air Force wearing a side cap. The second and third rows, each of eight women, are standing. All personnel…

Personnel and aircraft
Reports of operations with Wing Commander John Randall Braham, Group Captain John Cunningham who was awarded the Soviet Order of Patriotic War, Flight Lieutenant W H Maguire and Flying Officer Jones. The second page has a cutting of six Defiant…
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