Ewing, Robert Logan


Ewing, Robert Logan
Ewing, RL
Ewing, Bobby Logan


49 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant Robert "Bobby" Logan Ewing MBE (Royal Air Force) and contains An album, photographs and documents. He served as a medical officer.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Alison McCoy and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Ewing, RL

Collection Items

Flight Lieutenant Boddy
Two photographs of Flight Lieutenant Boddy.
#1 An airman working at a desk with pen and papers. His name badge identifies him as 'Boddy'. On the reverse 'Fl Lt Boddie Newark Notts'.
#2 a half length portrait of Boddy.

21 Dakotas in Flight
21 Dakotas flying overhead.

A port side view of a Wellington, LN593, 'TF-J'

A starboard side view of a B-24 Liberator.

Stirlings at Sunset
Two photographs of Stirlings silhouetted against the sky.
#1 is a starboard side view.
#2 is a front view.

Lancaster at Wigsley 1943
A Lancaster being refuelled. There is a man driving a tractor and a trolley has oxygen bottles. Captioned 'Lancaster Wigsley 1943'.

Squadron Photograph
A group of airmen and ground crew arranged in three rows in front of a Lancaster.
On the reverse 'X 'The Doc' RLE Back Row, 7th from Left'.

Lancaster Starboard Front
The front of Lancaster 'R5700'.

Scottish Party
A large group of men and women arranged in six or seven tows in front of an ornate brick building, identified as the Franco-British College, managed by La Cite Universitaire de Paris. On the reverse 'Scottish Party [indecipherable] Fondation…

Bobby Ewing
A half length portrait of Bobby with an aircraft roundel behind. On the reverse 'Robert Logan Ewing' and 'Bobby' and 'The Doc'.

Bobby Ewing's Award of MBE
A member of the military division of the Order of the British Empire awarded to Bobby.

Bobby Ewing's Mentioned in Despatches Certificate
A certificate awarded to Bobby for distinguished service.

Loch Lomond March 1947
#1 is Ben Lomond seen from the west bank.
#2 is Dad and Margaret with [indecipherable] March 1947.
#3 is a view looking north up Loch Lomond.
#4 is Dad and Margaret play sword fighting at the side of Loch Lomond.

Margaret, RKS, Tommy Body and Snow's Mum and Dad
#1 is Margaret and RKS at Blenheim Palace after the Victory parade, June 1946.
#2 and 3 are Margaret and Tommy Body on top of a snowy Lincoln Cathedral, Xmas 1946.
#4 is Snowy's Mum & Dad.

Warr Kings, Collyweston and Nylons
#1 is two men and two women in a garden, captioned 'Warr Kings Careby June 1947'.
#2 is man in a garden, captioned 'W/Cdr D Warr King'.
#3 is Manor Farm, Collyweston 1946-7'.
#4 is a woman in a dress in a garden, captioned 'May 1947 at Manor…

Model Aircraft
#1, 3, 4 and 6 are a model Lancaster, in the air and on the ground.
#2, 7 and 8 are a Stirling model
#5 is a Wellington and Spitfire model.
#9 are a model Stirling and Lightning.

Mosquitoes and Lancaster
#1 is a rear/port view of a Mosquito, captioned '627 Squadron'.
#2 is a front/nose view of a Mosquito.
#3 is a rear view of a Mosquito.
#4 is a port side view of a Lancaster, captioned 'Lanc (special) of 617 Sqn Woodhall Spa. Cut away to carry…

RAF Wigsley Station Sick Quarters
#1 is five ground crew standing in front of two crash trucks.
#2 is 12 men and women from the SSQ staff.
#3 is 12 men and women in front of trucks, captioned 'Staff'.
#4 is a red and white control caravan.
#5 is an ambulance.
#6 is a Nissen hut…

100 Course Wigsley
10 airmen lined up in front of a Lancaster, captioned '100 Course Wigsley'.

German Truck Notice
A photograph of a notice removed from the back of a German truck.
It is captioned 'This is a photo of a notice on the back of a German army truck. The notice was brought back to Woodhall Spa by an Officer who was shot down & "walked home".'

Lancaster and Spitfire Sketch
A sketch of a Lancaster and a Spitfire, annotated 'Lancaster on Fighter Affil with Spitfire' and signed 'Ewing 43'.

Fighter Affiliation Wigsley 1943
Air-to-air views of aircraft taken from a Lancaster during fighter affiliation exercises.
#1, 3,4, 7,8,9,10 and 11 are Hurricane and Spitfire
#2 is a Stirling.
#5 is a Mosquito
#6 is a Boston.

Anson and Stirling
#1 is a starboard side view of an Anson.
#2 is a front/port view of a Stirling.

Lancaster R5689 VN-N in Flight
A Lancaster banking away from a second aircraft. It is captioned '' Nan' 50 Sqdn pilot Drew Wyness F/Lt DFC Skellingthorpe 1943'.

Wing Commander Willie Tait and Air Vice Marshal Sir Ralph Cochrane
The two officers are standing outside the Officers' Mess of 617 Sqdn. The caption reads 'W/Cdr Cheshire VC DSO +2 bars DFC (sic), AVM Sir Ralph Cochrane After the "Tirpitz" on 617 Sqn'. [The officer on the left is in fact Wing Commander Willie Tait]
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