RAF Ingham Heritage Group. Wanda Szuwalska


RAF Ingham Heritage Group. Wanda Szuwalska


Three items. An oral history interview with Wanda Szuwalska and two photographs. She served as a WAAF at RAF Ingham.




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Wanda Szuwalska was born on a farm in Poland and was deported to Russia by train at the start of the Second World War. She talks of the journey to Russia, the time she and her family spent there, then coming to England and becoming a WAAF. Wanda…

Wanda Szuwalska's Wedding
Two photographs of Wanda's wedding. Photo 1 is Wanda and her husband grouped with 17 other airmen and women alongside a Nissen hut. Photo 2 is Wanda and her husband being blessed by a priest. They are kneeling in front of a priest, at the altar.

WAAFs by a transport ship
A line of WAAFs dressed in greatcoats and standing by their cases. Behind is a ship.
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