Souter, Kenneth Place


Souter, Kenneth Place
K P Souter


30 items. An oral history interview with Kenneth Souter (b. 1919, 129001 Royal Air Force), his log books and photographs. He flew operations as a fighter pilot with 73 Squadron in North Africa and as a test pilot. After the war he flew Lancasters during the filming of The Dam Busters film in 1954.

The collection was catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Souter, KP

Collection Items

Four Letters to Ken Souter
Four letters to Ken.
#1 is a letter commanded by the Queen thanking him for his service.
#2 is a letter appointing him to General Duties.
#3 is a letter that can be used as a reference. It mentions his role in the filming of The Dam Busters.

Lancaster over Lincoln Cathedral
A Lancaster flying low over Lincoln Cathedral. A starboard side air-to-air view from the rear, taken by a second aircraft.

Six Airmen
Six airmen in khaki in two rows in front of a Lincoln.

Wellington and Six Airmen
#1 is a Wellington with its landing gear down flying above some houses.
#2 is six airmen in khaki grouped in front of a Lincoln. Another copy at PSouterKP2127.

Lincoln and Lancasters in Flight
Lincoln RA672 in flight.
Three Lancasters in flight over a runway

Three Lancasters, in Flight
A view of the underside of three Lancasters flying over an airfield.

Lincoln in Flight
A port side view of Lincoln RA672 in flight.

Two Canberras in Flight
Port side view of two Canberras, in flight.

Dambusters Scene
Actors Michael Redgrave and Richard Todd playing Barnes Wallis and Guy Gibson having a discussion over a meal in the Mess. From the filming of The Dam Busters film.
It is captioned 'E54.1.PROD.117'.

Ladybower reservoir
A view from a twin engined aircraft flying low over Ladybower reservoir.

Identification kindly provided by Adrienne Irving with additional backing by David Parker of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Facebook group.

Filming Discussions
Three men involved in the filming of The Dam Busters.
It is annotated 'E54.1.PUB.54'.

Lancaster Banking hard to Starboard
A Lancaster coded AJ-G, of 617 Squadron, banking hard to Starboard viewed from the air. From the filming of The Dam Busters film, the fuselage has been modified for a mock up Upkeep bomb which it is carrying.

Three Men Discussing Filming
Three men in front of a wall of storyboard drawings for the filming of The Dam Busters film. One man has a model of a Lancaster in his hand.
It is annotated 'E541.PUB.47'.

Filming from a Cockpit
Three men in the cockpit of an aircraft. Two airmen and a civilian camera man.
It is annotated ' "Blimey what a draft!"
"Wish I were in a Lancaster" Ken. Best wishes and thanks a lot Ken, Sincerely Bob.'

Squadron Photograph
A group of airmen and ground crew arranged in front of a Lincoln. The men are in tropical khaki and shorts.

'Squadron' Photograph
A group of airmen and civilians arranged in front and on the wing of a Lancaster. This is in the style of a squadron photograph and was taken during the filming of The Dam Busters film.

Lancasters, Oxford and Mosquito
Three Lancasters, viewed from the front flying over a parked Anson that is partially obscuring a Mosquito.
In the second image there are only two Lancasters.

Lancasters, Oxford and Mosquito
Two photographs.
#1 is three Lancasters flying over an Oxford and Mosquito.
#2 is of four Lancasters parked on grass. One is ZN-G

Four Lancasters
A port side view of four Lancasters of 106 Squadron.

Three Lancasters in Flight
A view of three Lancasters flying low with mocked up Upkeep bombs for the filming of The Dam Busters film. They are flying over a field with a horse in. The photograph is annotated 'E54.1-PUB.156'.

Nine Lincolns in Flight
Nine Lincolns, viewed from above.

Three Lincolns in Flight
Two air to air photograph of three Lincolns, RE358, RF414 and RF575.
In the first they are seen from the port side.
In the second they are seen from above.

Ken Souter in Lancaster Cockpit
A pilot seated in a Lancaster cockpit.

Canberra at Gibraltar
The nose of a Canberra with a hangar and the Rock, behind.

Ladybower Reservoir, looking east
An oblique aerial view of the Ladybower reservoir, looking to the east.
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