Scott, Eric William. Album 2


Scott, Eric William. Album 2


67 items. Photographs mostly taken during training in the United States with a few while training in England and serving in North Africa and Italy.




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Scott, EW

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Two men
Two men. one wearing khaki bush jacket, the other khaki shirt and trousers standing in front of a row of beach huts.

Woman in ATS Uniform
Full length image of Eva Scott wearing Auxiliary Territorial Service uniform standing by a window in wall of a brick house. Sister of Eric William Scott.

Top - colour artwork postcard of a Harvard with United States markings fling above cloud. Captioned 'Advanced Trainer during High Altitude Flight, Craig Field, Selma, Ala'.
Bottom - view through trees of a multi-story brick building behind high…

Montgomery Alabama
Top - colour artwork postcard showing a tall column monument with statue on top to the left and a white building on the right all surrounded by trees. Captioned 'State Capitol showing Confederate Monument. Montgomery Ala - 14'.
Bottom - upside down…

37 Squadron
Top - a large group of airmen wearing a variety of uniform sitting and standing in six rows with buildings and trees in the background. Captioned 37 Sqn Aircrew Aug 1944'.
Note 'Brian Jeffares NZ .. Nav [....], Snowy Ayton, NZ ....[..].... J…

142 Squadron North Africa June 1943
Top left - four men wearing shorts, two with no shirts and one with sombrero, three standing and one sitting in front of an earn with round object on top. In the background a tent. Captioned 'Ted with J Prentice & two crew, killed over Naples July…

Italy 1944
Album page note 'Italy 1944, Foggia Air Field'.
Top left - three airmen wearing khaki uniform with shorts standing in line in front of a tent.
Top right - three airmen wearing khaki uniform with shorts sitting in front of a tent.
Bottom left -…

Morton in Marsh
Album page note 'Operational training unit'.
Top - view down wide town street with houses and shops either side. Captioned 'High Street, Morton in Mash'.
Bottom - view of town building with arches and clock tower in the middle of a town street with…

Album page note 'Return to UK - December 1942 on Queen Elizabeth I'.
Top left - view across park with trees at distant church. Captioned 'The Stray, Harrogate'.
Top right - view down town street with tees and buildings either side. Captioned…

Niagara Falls
Top left - view of shoreline and cliffs with boat bottom right.
Top middle - view across rapids of distant shore and waterfall on right.
Top right - view from boat of two waterfalls.
Bottom left - people getting ready to board on boat wearing…

Niagara Falls
Titled 'Niagra [sic] Falls.
Top left - view of distant waterfalls. Foliage on the right.
Top middle - view down river of bridge with cliffs either side.
Top right - boat in foreground and large waterfall behind.
Bottom left - large waterfall…

People and places
Top left - an airman wearing tunic and side cap sitting on a wooden bench with bushes behind.
Top middle - view down a path towards the courthouse Picton, Ontario.
Top right - view across Picton Harbour with boats at near bank and trees on far…

Picton Ontario
Top left - view across lawn of single story house with trees on right.
Top middle - view of airfield buildings with control tower in distance on left.
Top right - various buildings.
Bottom left - view looking up of ab aircraft at height.

Canada October 1942
Top left - photograph missing.
Top middle - three airmen wearing tunics and side cap sitting on a wall with trees in the background.
Top right - view over a valley in open countryside.
Bottom left - an airman wearing tunic and side cap reclining…

Course photograph
Thirty-two airmen, all but one wearing RAF uniform tunics, sitting and standing in three rows in front of a brick building. Captioned 'NAV/BA Course - Picton Ontario'.

61 Course photograph
A large group of airmen mostly wearing khaki uniform with side caps (three in blue battledress) sitting and standing in four rows in front of hangar doors. Captioned 'Picton, Ontario - NAV/BA course'.

People and places
Top left - semi-circular end to Cincinnati Union terminal building with clock on face.
Top middle - missing photograph.
Top right - view across lawn to the Stone Church, Chapel Street, Picton with tower left and tree right.
Bottom left - missing…

Weekend with Pop and Vannie
Top left - view of house amongst trees.
Top middle - view of side of a house across lawn.
Top right - man wearing shorts sitting on a log with boat in the background.
Bottom left - boats in water and on side of a lake. Tree in the foreground.…

Summer House
Title 'Pop and Cam at Summer House'.
Top left - view of garden with fountain and large house in the background.
Top middle - view across lake with tree in foreground.
Top right a man wearing shorts sitting on a log.
Bottom left - Man wearing…

Vultee BT-13 Valiant
Air-to-air view of a single engine low wing monoplane with single pilot in front cockpit. Aircraft number '0893'. Captioned 'BT 13, Gunter Field, Montgomery, Alabama, May 1942'.

Montgomery Alabama
Top left - part of a house. captioned 'Boyce Street'.
Top middle - view looking up a monument column with statue at the bottom.
Top right - a fountain in the foreground and formal rectangular park extending into the distance where a tall structure…

Top left - colour artwork postcard of view across a river with trees on far bank and city in the distance. Captioned 'M-14 - Scene on Alabama River by Moonlight, Montgomery, Ala'.
Bottom left - colour artwork postcard of a white three story mansion…

Sarasota Florida
Top - colour artwork postcard of a swimming pool with two story decking and many people with beach and sea in background. Captioned 'S-6 - The Sarasota Lido, showing Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota, Fla'.
Bottom - colour artwork postcard with two views.…

Left - colour postcard with artwork map of southern Florida.
Top middle - view across water to far shore with trees and houses.
Top right - parrot in a cage.
Bottom middle - two alligators.
Bottom right - a woman wearing shorts preparing food…

Miami Florida
Top left - two airmen one standing up in open topped car reaching up to palm tree and the other standing alongside. Captioned 'Pulling Cocanuts [sic]'.
Top middle - a man wearing swimming trunks lying on sandy beach with building in the…
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