Scott, Eric William. Album 1


Scott, Eric William. Album 1


31 items. Photographs of Jerusalem, Bethlehem. Tel Aviv, Haifa and friends.




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Scott, EW

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Four airmen
Four airmen wearing khaki uniform with shorts standing in line with column to the left. In the background the door to a building. Man on the right has half brevet. Captioned 'Andy, Curly, Myself & Bob'.

Left - full length image of a pilot wearing khaki uniform standing by a column in front of a building. Captioned 'Gorden'.
Right - three airmen wearing a variety of uniform standing in line in front of a single story hut. Centre man has half brevet…

Top - six airmen, five wearing khaki uniform and one battledress, squatting and standing in two rows with single story hut in the background. Captioned 'Wright, Gorden, Paddy, George, Taffy, Myself'.
Bottom - six airmen four wearing khaki uniform…

Haifa scenes
Top - art deco building with glass and semi-circular tower above doorway in front, Three story building with balconies to left. Captioned 'Casino, Bath [sic] Galim'.
Bottom - view down city street with bus and car, city buildings with store fronts…

Haifa and Bat Galim
Top - view down city street with buses on left and buildings either side. Captioned 'Herzl Street'.
Bottom - view across open ground with house in the foreground and town in the distance. Captioned 'Bath Galim [Bat Galim].

Haifa scenes
Top - In the foreground a large three story building with dome in centre section and arched windows. In the foreground trees and in the background city dwellings. Captioned 'Technicum'.
Bottom - view over the top of town houses with trees in the…

Haifa scenes
Top - view down city street with bus and cars and tall buildings either side. Captioned Herzl Street'.
Bottom - view down road with bus coming up hill with city and sea in the distance. Captioned 'Road to Mount Carmel'.

Top - view across city with bay with ships in distance and hills on far side. captioned 'The Bay and Harbour'.
Bottom - view down a wide city street with cars, busses and pedestrians. Tall buildings either side. captioned 'Kingsway'.

Herbert Samuel Square - Tel Aviv
View looking down on a roundabout with column in the centre and three buses going round. On the left a promenade, beach and sea. Captioned 'Herbert Samual [sic] Square, leading off promenade'.

Tel Aviv scenes
Top - on the right an open area with lines of raised beds planted with shrubs. A sea wall with promenade runs from bottom left to top right with buildings top right. Sea to left. Captioned 'London Square'.
Bottom - on the left a seaside promenade…

Tel Aviv street scenes
Top - view across open square with water fountain in the centre surrounded by trees. In the background city buildings. Captioned 'Dizengoff Street'.
Bottom - view down city street with buses parked on left and buildings either side. Captioned 'Ben…

Tel Aviv
Top - photograph missing. Captioned 'Opera Mugrabi'.
Bottom - circular building with columns round the outside. Captioned 'Habimah Theatre'.

Tel Aviv scenes
Top - a domed building across a street surrounded by trees. Captioned 'Great Synagogue'.
Bottom - view across four way junction in a city with buildings left and right. Captioned 'Alenby Road'.

Tel Aviv scenes
Top - a large open space with circular water feature surrounded by city buildings. Captioned 'Dixengoff [sic] Square'.
Bottom - view down wide street with tree lined promenade in the centre and city buildings either side. Captioned 'Boulevard…

Middle east scenes
Titled - 'No?! I wasn't tipsey?'.
Left - three men dressed in robes sitting on the ground inside a building working. Mounted 90 degree anticlockwise, captioned 'Mother of pearl workers'.
Right - Stone building with arched doorway with two people,…

Bethlehem scenes
Left - view from balcony of inside of a church with ornate decoration, chandeliers and people queuing. Captioned 'Christmas service in church of the Nativity'.
Right - street sellers with baskets of produce line up against wall running left to…

Left - a manger with ornate surround. Captioned 'The Manger'.
Right - view through belfry of a distant town. Captioned 'A Christmas Bell'.

Top - the inside of a church with columns either side and altar at the back. Captioned 'The Nave in the Church of Nativity'.
Bottom - Inside church a decorative grotto. Photograph mounted sideways and captioned 'Grotto of Nativity'.

Top - view over a town in distance with trees in the foreground. Captioned 'Bethlehem from the south'.
Bottom - on the left an open square with people, on the right buildings with two bell towers. In the distance further buildings a dome and…

Top - a wall runs left to right with domed building in the middle. Men on camels just in front of wall and a tree in the foreground. Captioned 'Rachel's Tomb'.
Bottom - open fields with a few trees. In the distance on hilltops a town. Captioned 'The…

Wailing Wall
Figures standing praying at a high stone wall. Captioned 'The Jews "Wailing Wall"'.

Jerusalem scenes
Left - city wall on the right with fortified building in centre with tower. In the foreground a road with two figures with bundles on their heads. Captioned 'The Citadel, Arab man and woman in the foreground'.
Right - view of dome topped building…

Jerusalem scenes
Left - an very large ornate tomb in a church. Captioned 'The Tomb'.
Right - view through a belfry of two church bells with city in the background. Captioned 'Crusader Belfrey [sic] (with Mount of Olives in the distance)'.

Jerusalem scenes
Top - a fortified city gate with many people and camels in the foreground. Captioned 'Damascus Gate (Leading from the old city)'.
Bottom - an open area with trees and city walls in the background. Captioned 'Garden of Gethsemane'.

Jerusalem street scenes
Top - a city street with buildings either side and and built up archway connecting them. Women with baskets on their heads walk on the street. Captioned 'Arch of Ecce Homo'.
Bottom - a city street with buildings either side and and arches connecting…
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