Lord, Billy. Album


Lord, Billy. Album


26 items. Photograph album of his family and service life.




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Lord, WCJ

Collection Items

Bill Lord, Eunice and Family
Photo 1 is Bill and Eunice on a beach.
Photo 2 is three women and a man on a beach.
Photo 3 is a mother, father and daughter sitting on a stony beach.

Airmen, Sunbathers, Wedding Party and Father and Son
Photo 1 is seven trainee airmen at Andover.
Photo 2 is three women, two children and a man sunbathing.
Photo 3 is Stan and his bride, Lynne, Bill Lord and a man. They are standing in a garden.
Photo 4 is a father and son.

51 Course wireless operators air gunners
13 airmen arranged in two rows. Each man has had his name annotated on the image. Pilot Officer Lord is in the centre wearing a greatcoat and gloves.

Bill Lord's Fiancée Eunice
A head and shoulders portrait of Eunice.

Bill Lord, Eunice and Two Women
Photo 1 is Bill and Eunice standing in a garden. Bill is in trainee's uniform.
Photo 2 is two women in bathing costumes in the sea.
Photo 3 is two women leaning against the wall of a thatched cottage.

Bill Lord
Photo 1 is Bill sitting on a child's pedal car with 'L' plates. It is annotated 'Me learning to drive Croydon 1938'.
Photo 2 is Bill sitting on a motorbike annotated 'Croydon 1940'.

Lynne and Bill Lord
Photo 1 is Lynne leaning on a bird bath. It is annotated ' "sis" Shirley 1936'.
Photo 2 is Bill in a casual suit sitting on a rowing boat, annotated 'Hove 1936'.

Mother, Father and Daughter
Photo 1 is a mother and father with a younger woman. She is wearing a bathing costume and they are sitting on a boulder at a beach.
Photo 2 is the younger woman sitting on a boulder on a beach.

Soldier, Woman and Radio Operator
Photo 1 is a lance corporal wearing a beret.
Photo 2 is a woman lying on a stony beach.
Photo 3 is a radio operator surrounded by radio equipment.

Lynne Lord
Lynne is dressed in black dinner jacket, pants and stockings. She is carrying a cane and is tap dancing on a piece of hardboard.
Photo 1 is annotated ' "Lyne" [sic] Shirley 1936'.
Photo 2 is annotated ' "Sis" Shirley 1937'.

Croydon Town Hall Coronation Illuminations
Photo 1 and 3 are the town hall gardens and are annotated 'Croydon Town Hall Gardens 1937 Coronation Illuminations'
Photo 2 is the Town hall, annotated 'Croydon Town Hall Coronation Illuminations'.

Three Airmen in a bath tub
Photo 1 is three men in shorts wearing turbans and sitting in a bath tub. Two of them have small stringed instruments and the third has a flag on a stick. It is annotated 'The Pilgrim Fathers - Andover 1942'.
Photo 2 has the same three men wearing…

Eunice and Bill Lord
Photo 1 is of Eunice standing by a wooden fence, smoking.
Photo 2 is Sergeant Bill Lord sitting on a bunk, smoking.

Lynne Lord and Violet
Photo 1 is a head and shoulders portrait of Bill Lord's sister, Lynne, annotated 'Bill with love, Lynne'.
Photo 2 is a woman sitting on a deck chair, annotated 'Violet Andover 1941'.

Brighton Outing
Photo 1 is 11 men and women. One man has an accordion. Behind is a single decker bus and a cast iron supported structure.
Photo 2 is 13 men and women at the same location with the same bus.
Both images are annotated "The Gang" but the first is…

Croydon Town Hall and Tower Chambers
Photo 1 is a night shot of a decorated town hall, annotated 'Town Hall Clock Coronation Illuminations Croydon'.
Photo 2 is a man on a ladder in a storage room, annotated ' "The Tomb" Tower Chambers 1938'.

Peggy and Dizzy
Two women sitting on the grass, annotated 'Peggy & Dizzy - Andover 1942'.

Robbie, Dot and Bill Lord, 1942
A three quarter length portrait of the three standing by a fence, annotated 'Robbie, Dot and I. 1942'.

43 Trainee Airmen
43 trainees arranged in four rows.

Trainee airmen
Photo 1 is of five airmen climbing a wood and canvas building.
Photo 2 is of seven airmen posed beside the same building but in two rows.

Seaside Snapshots
Photo 1 is a man holding a woman with three others off to one side. They are at the edge of a beach. Photo 2 is a man sitting behind two women with a third woman at the side. Photo 3 is two men and two women in swimming costumes dancing on a beach.…

The Three Fakirs - Andover 1942
Three men in a bath tub. They are outside a brick building wearing Sikh style turbans and only shorts. it is annotated 'The Three Fakirs - Andover 1942'.

The Terrible "Trio" Andover 1942
Three trainee airmen identified as Bill Lord, Rex and Robbie. The photograph is annotated 'The Terrible "Trio" Me-Rex-Robbie Andover 1942'.

Eunice, Bill Lord and Arthur Hove
Two photographs of three people.
Photo 1 is Bill Lord and Eunice, annotated 'Eunice and I 1942'.
Photo 2 is a man standing on a promenade, annotated 'Arthur. Hove 1937'.
A handwritten note states 'Subject with fiancé Eunice'.

Robbie and Bill, Andover 1942
Two photographs of two men standing in front of a wooden fence.
Photo 1 is is annotated 'Robbie Andover 1942'.
Photo 2 is annotated 'Yours Truly Andover'42'.
A note with 'WCJ Lord' has been added.
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