Nogal, Jozef


Nogal, Jozef
J Nogal


58 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant Jozef Nogal (b. 1911, Polskie Siły Powietrzne) and contains his prisoner of war log, documents, objects and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 305 Squadron and became a prisoner of war.

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Nogal, J

Collection Items

Six Prisoners
A group of six airmen and soldiers. Jozef is front row, second from left. The reverse is blank. A post-it states that Jozef is the flight lieutenant.

14 Airmen and a C-47
A group of 14 at the rear door of a C-47. Ten are wearing parachutes. The reverse is blank. A post-it states that Jozef is back right.

Jozef Nogal
A head and shoulders portrait of Jozef. The reverse is blank.

Jozef Nogal
Two colour photograph of Jozef in uniform with his medals.

A sketch of a Wellington, 'N-SM' in flight.

Polish September Campaign 1939 Medal Certificate
A certificate accompanying Jozef's medal.

Polish September Campaign Cross 1939
Both sides of a medal mounted on a card.

War Medal
Both sides of a medal without ribbon.

Damaged Defence Medal
Both sides of a damaged medal.

Damaged 1939 to 1945 Star
Both sides of a damaged medal.

Damaged Air Crew Europe Star
Both sides of a damaged medal.

Damaged Battle for Britain Commemorative Medal
Both sides of a commemorative medal. The medal has been distorted by some great force. The ribbon with Royal Air Force and Poland clasps has broken off.

Jozef Nogal's Polish Medals
Jozef's two Polish Medals -
#1 Poland Cross of Merit with swords.
#2 Lotniczy za Wojne 1939-1945
Only the ribbons remain of his British decorations.

Metal Christ Badge
Both sides of a metal badge of Christ and a cloth badge.

Two Crucifixes and a Religious Medal
Both sides of two crucifixes and a religious medal on a chain.

Box for Medals
A box from Spink and Sons for medals. Inside is a handwritten list of the medals.

Collection of Buttons and Coins
A collection of Polish and RAF metal buttons and Polish and British coins.

Poland Shoulder Flash
A cloth shoulder badge worn by Polish airmen.

Jozef Nogal's Decorations
Six medals awarded to Jozef.
#1 Poland Cross of Merit with swords.
#2 1939 to 1945 Star
#3 Air Crew Europe Star
#4 Defence Medal
#5 War Medal 1939 to 1945
#6 Lotniczy za Wojne 1939-1945

Flight Lieutenant Badges
Both sides of two flight lieutenant flashes.

Blue and Red Cross
Both sides of an unidentified blue cross with a red circle centre.

Metal 271 Squadron Crest
Both sides of a small metal badge of 271 Squadron.

Mary and Jesus Brooch
Both sides of a small religious brooch.

Folding Magnifying Glass
A magnifying glass folded and unfolded.

 Poloniae Millennium Christianne Badge
Both sides of a metal badge mounted on a card. The badge celebrates 1000 years of the Polish state.
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