Cowell, Leslie Gabriel


Cowell, Leslie Gabriel
L G Cowell


17 items. The collection concerns Warrant Officer Leslie Gabriel Cowell (1322486 Royal Air Force) and contains correspondence and photographs. He flew with 178 and 216 Squadrons.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Stephen Alan Cowell and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Cowell, LG

Collection Items

Seven aircrew
Seven airmen wearing battledress, six with half brevet, and one with pilot's brevet (front row, second from left), sitting and standing in two rows with open ground in the background.

Three Ansons in formation
Air-to-air photograph of three Ansons flying over open countryside with fields, roads and a farm.

Port Albert airfield
Oblique aerial photograph showing Port Albert Airfield in Ontario Canada with taxiways and hardstanding. Many Avro Anson aircraft in silver finish and lacking dorsal turrets, parked on airfield. Hangars and buildings to the left and a road (Bluewater…

A group of observers
Fifteen airmen, mostly sergeants, wearing tunics with observer brevet and side caps, standing in two rows in front of a building with window on the left. In the background right other barrack blocks.

Leslie Cowell
A airman wearing khaki tunic, trousers and side cap standing on a step in front of a building with bay window.

Two airmen
Two airmen wearing khaki uniform shirts with ties and long trousers standing on a step in front of a building with bay window. Man on the left has handwritten annotation 'Eddie' underneath.

Bridge across Maitland River
Two aerial photographs showing the River Maitland at Benmiller, Ontario. One is taken obliquely and shows several large bends in the river with the community of Benmiller at centre right. The sencond is a vertical aerial photograph showing the road…

South Maitland River
Aerial oblique photograph of a river flowing from bottom left to right middle. A bridge is visible.

Wedding photograph
Groom on the left wearing tunic with navigator brevet and medal ribbons. Bride on the right in wedding dress with bouquet. In the background an arched doorway.

Seven airmen
Seven airmen wearing tunics, six with side caps and one with peaked cap, in two rows. Three in the front row have brevet (one pilot, one observer, the other unidentified half brevet).

Leslie Cowell
Half length portrait of an airman wearing battledress with sergeant rank and a half brevet.

Two airmen
Two airmen wearing khaki uniform with shorts standing on sea shore. The man on the right has an observer's brevet and a handwritten annotation 'Les' above.

A large group of airmen in front of an Anson
Nineteen airman wearing khaki uniform sitting and standing in two rows in front of an Anson.

Leslie Cowell
Half length portrait of and airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and navigator brevet. Submitted with caption 'L.G.Cowell'.

Christmas card
Sent to Miss Irene Wheeler from Leslie Cowell (F/Sgt on 178 Squadron RAF CMF). Has drawing of map of Mediterranean and text Christmas 1944.
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