Bennett, H W


Bennett, H W


19 items. The collection concerns Squadron Leader H W Bennett (Royal Air Force) and contains his log books, photographs and letters. He flew operations with 88 squadron, as part of the Advanced Air Striking Force in France, and as a navigator with 97 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Roy Bennett and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Bennett, HW

Collection Items

Herbert  William Bennett and Family
Herbert William. Bennett , his wife and his parents standing on the fountain in front of Buckingham Palace

H W Bennett’s RAF Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book. One
H. W. Bennett’s RAF Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 23 April 1937 to 14 June 1943, detailing training, operations and instructional duties as an Air Observer, Air Gunner, Bomb Aimer and Navigator. Includes bombing and…

H W Bennett’s RCAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book. Two
H. W. Bennett’s RCAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book, from 7/8/43 to 14/10/48, detailing training and instructional duties as a pilot.
Based at RAF Brough (No. 4 Elementary Flying Training School), RCAF Station Neepawa (No. 35 Elementary Flying Training…

40 Airmen and Cadets
40 airmen and cadets arranged in three rows under the nose of a Vulcan.

HW Bennett and Colleagues
Three airmen including HW Bennett and two women in long dresses. They are arranged beside a table with glasses. On the reverse is a photographic agency stamp.

Hockey Team
11 hockey players arranged in two rows. The middle, seated man is holding a cup. On the reverse 'RAF (Egypt) 5 - Army (Egypt) 1'.
Underneath each man is named, including HW Bennett.

Handley Page HP42
G-AAXF seen from the port/ rear and slightly above. Around it are many spectators.

Three Vickers Victorias
Three Victorias seen from the port side and slightly above. On the reverse '216 Sqdn Vickers Victoria 1933'.

HW Bennett
Two half length colour portraits of HW Bennett. On the reverse of each is a processing stamp.

Calshot Schneider Trophy Aircraft
Seven seaplanes at Calshot base. They are taking part in the Schneider trophy.

Supermarine S6
Supermarine S6, registration N247, on a launching dolly.

Blackburn Iris
A seaplane at Kalafrana Base, Malta.

HW Bennett Certificate
A certificate awarded to HW Bennett confirming he has been instructed in starting-up drill, airscrew swinging and understanding of the petrol, oil and ignition system of a DH82.

Parnall Plover
A port side view of a Plover biplane seen on the ground. It is captioned 'Plover' and printed as a postcard on the reverse.

Vickers Virginia
A port side view of a Virginia on the ground. It is captioned 'Vickers Virginia' and on the reverse it is printed as a postcard.

AW15 Atlanta
A port/front view of an Atlanta, registered GABPI, on the ground with several airmen and passengers milling around.
A second photo is taken from the starboard rear.

AW Argosy II
A port side view of an Argosy, registered GAAEJ, on the ground.

Fairey Battle
An air-to-air image of a Fairey Battle. On the reverse 'Fairey Battle 88 Sqdn 1938 Boscombe Down'.

Westland Wapiti
Two photographs of a Wapiti. The first is an air-to-air image. The second is the Wapiti seen from the rear/starboard side on the ground.
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