Davy, H


Davy, H


18 items. The collection concerns H Davy (1852721 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, memoir and photographs. He flew operations as an air gunner with 626 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Nancy Davy and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Davy, H

Collection Items

Herbert Davy and Crew
Nine airmen arranged at the tail of a Lancaster. The seven crew are joined by two ground crew.

R2 Bennet's Beavers
The crew of Lancaster R2, Bennet's Beavers arranged under the port side nose. In the first of two identical images each crew man is annotated with their name.

Two Airmen
Two airmen, very casually dressed, standing in long grass.

Wickenby Taken from Rear Turret
Two identical photographs taken from the rear turret of a Lancaster. One is annotated 'Wickenby taken from Rear Turret Herbert Davy'. Both images are very blurred.

Sunbathing Man
A man lying on a blanket on a sunny day.

Herbert Davy
Herbert standing on the banks of a river with a bridge behind.
There is a second image at the same location.

Herbert Davy's Crew
Seven airmen including Herbert arranged in two rows. The image has been damaged.

Four Airmen with Newly Awarded DFCs
A group of four airmen, including BA (Sam) Collens in civilian clothes. They have just received a DFC each for their wartime service. A fifth man in uniform is standing behind them.

Herbert Davy, Tommy Birch and Four Airmen
The group of six airmen are standing beside a blackboard pointing to a comment stating 'All Back'. Herbert Davy and Tommy Birch are annotated on the photograph with their names and function.

Tommy Birch RAF Certificate of Service and Release
RAF Form 2520 issued to Tommy Birch

Original Pamphlet that was dropped on 2.10.1944 in the area of the Scheldt. The Pamphlet warned the people living in the Scheldt river for the imminent allied air and artillery bombardment followed by a large infantry attack. The pamphlet warns to…

Herbert Davy's log book
Extract from the flying log book for Herbert Davy, air gunner covering the period from 14 September 1943 to 3 October 1944. It details his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Morpeth, RAF Wymeswold, RAF Lindholme, RAF…

General Memories
Herbert's service life in an autobiography.
He describes training in London, Bridlington, Morpeth and Wymeswold. Later training as a crew was at Castle Donington, Lindholme and Hemswell. He describes in detail his crew, aircraft and operations.…

54 airmen including Herbert Davy
Three photographs.
#1 A group of trainee airmen including two officers arranged in four rows. At the bottom and upside down is a caption' Herbert Davy Rear Gunner 626 Squadron ACRC St John's Wood London May 1943'.
#2 is Herbert leaning against a…

Four Airmen including Herbert Davy
Four airmen at the steps of a hut. It is annotated 'Tommy Birch ?Joe Slack H Davy Ron Rainbird Castle Donnington [sic] 1944'.
On the reverse '? Joe Slack Tom Birch H.D. Ron Rainbird Castle Donnington 1944.'

Sam Collens and Herbert Davy
Two airmen standing at the side of the beach. It is captioned 'Pilot Officer BA (Sam) Collens Rear Gunner Sgt Herbert Davy 626 Squadron Taken at Looe, Cornwall 1944'.

Tommy Birch
An airman leaning on the railings at the side of a river estuary. It is captioned 'Tommy Birch Bomb Aimer 626 Sqadron [sic] Taken at Looe, Cornwall 1944'.
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