Dammes, Janet


Dammes, Janet
J Dammes


Seven items. The collection concerns Bill Dammes And Gladys Monks. It contains photographs.
Bill Dammes served in the Home Guard and Gladys Monks served in the Land Army.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Janet Dammes and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Dammes, J

Collection Items

Three Land Army women on a cart
Three women on top of a hay cart playing with the hay. On the reverse '1947 Vera Wilde W.L.A.'

Eight Land Army women
Eight women arranged in two rows in front of a hay stack. On the reverse 'W.L.A. 1947 2nd (Left) front Gladys Marston (nee Monks)'.

Seven Land Army women
Seven women sitting on the ground by a gate. On the reverse 'Jean Raven Betty Render Gladys Monk Dolly Kay Booth Kay Jean Approx 1947 Land Army'.

Gladys Monk
A portrait of Gladys in a cardboard mount, annotated 'Me in Land Army 1946'. Aged 19.

Gladys Monk
Portrait of Gladys, mounted in a frame.

Bill Dammes
Bill Dames in uniform. On the reverse 'Dad Bill Dammes During War 1939-45 Home Guard Normanton'

Bill Dames and his wife
Bill in uniform seated beside his wife. On the reverse 'Mum & Dad' and '16 Oct 1945'.
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