Luxton, J R


Luxton, J R


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The collection concerns Sergeant John Russell Luxton (1086977 Royal Air Force) and contains documents, correspondence and photographs. He flew operations as a wireless operator / air gunner with 76 Squadron. He was killed 12 August 1943.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by John Wohlers and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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Luxton, JR

Collection Items

Five graves
Five crosses on graves with flowers. Names on graves. 147957 P.O. B S McCann RAF, 1312983 F Sgt L F Jackson RAF, 1086977 Sgt J R Luxton RAF, 1600605 Sgt A C Samu.el RAF, R/173738 F Sgt H S Martin RCAF. Dated 1943-08-012.

Three graves
Three crosses on graves with flowers. Graves of 1312983 F Sgt L F Jackson RAF, 1086977 Sgt J R Luxton RAF, 1600605 Sgt A C Samuel RAF. All dated 1943-08-12.

John Russell Luxton
Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and air gunner's brevet. Image is in frame with cloth air gunner's brevet. Includes rear of frame.

Newspaper cutting with article about Sergeant J R Luxton missing
Page has several articles including one reporting Sergeant J R Luxton missing after operational flight. Describes telegram to father informing him that his wireless operator/air gunner son was missing on his 15th operational flight. Gives some…

Bernay (Str Croix) Communal Cemetery France
Description of town and location of cemetery.

List of operation
Lists fourteen operations between April 20th and August 9th.

Letter from E D Minister to Mr and Mrs Luxton
Writes that they are sending them two photographs of Sgt Luxton's grave at Bernay. Gives some advice to Mrs Luxton how to deal with grief.

Letter from minister at Evreux to unknown person
Replies to her letter and asks her to pass on to J R Luxton's mother that he will send her the photograph she asked for. Asks that his sympathy be passed on. No need to pay for photograph and member of congregation will see to it.

Letter from Fleetwood congregational Sunday schools to Mr and Mrs Luxton
Expresses sympathy form Russell's friends and colleagues.

Letter from Air Ministry to J R Luxton's father
Informs him that official German sources have confirmed the death of his son on 12 August 1943 (assumed for official purposes).

Side cap
Side cap.

Letter from Mr H R Luxton to Imperial War Graves Commission
States that he would like to contribute one pound to the cost of engraving chosen inscription on his son's gravestone.

Secretary's report for congregational church for year ending 30th September 1944
Reports that two of their flock, including Mr Russell Luxton and J R Flaxman had made ultimate sacrifice and Mr C Lambert was missing. Gives some biographical details and describes activities for J R Luxton and Jimmy Flaxman.

J Russell Luxton's Bible
Cover and inside page with inscription to Russel Luxton. Cover has cypher for King George VI.

Letter to Mr Luxton from the King
Offers heartfelt sympathy and countries gratitude for life given.

Letter to Mr and Mrs Luxton from Marie Therese Phillips
Reports arrival of friends letter as was deeply touched. Suggests that she deserves no gratitude for looking after graves and laying flowers on them on armistice day.

Letter from Marie Thérèse Phillips
Marie-Thérèse expresses her thanks for the letter she has received but explains that what she has done for the allied soldiers was simply her way of thanking them; her two sons were able to grow up as a result. She informs them that she has laid…

Letter from air ministry to John Luxton's father
Letter states that they are forwarding a photograph of his son, grave of Sergeant J R Luxton. Includes envelope, imperial war graves with complements card and receipt.
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