Wells, Ray


Wells, Ray
R G Wells


51 items. The collection concerns (1686349 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, documents and photographs in a separate album. He flew operations as a flight engineer with 158 Squadron.

Wells, Ray. Album

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Carole Dukes and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Wells, RG

Collection Items

Ray Wells Cartoons
Three images from an album.
#1 is a head and shoulders portrait of Ray.
#2 is a cartoon of a black cat and the message 'Further Outlook Very Favourable'.
#3 is a cartoon of Ray with a dog's head and is annotated 'F/Sgt (Press on) Wells'.

Ray Wells and Crew
12 airmen under the nose of a Halifax. In a second identical image 'Ray Wells F/E 158 Sqd' has been annotated.
The nose has 56+ operations marked on. A cartoon character is dropping bombs and DFC and DFM ribbons have been painted on.

Ray Wells' Warrant
A document appointing Ray as a warrant officer.

A Message of Welcome
A letter welcoming a new airman into the RAF.

Halifax Petrol Log
A record of fuel consumed during a flight.

Ray Wells' Career Summary
A brief list of Ray's RAF career on an RAF form.

Ray Well's Award Letter and Ribbon
An award letter and 1939-1945 Star ribbon presented to Ray.

Unofficial Bomber Command Medal
Four photographs of the medal and its presentation case.

Ray Wells' Identity Discs
Both sides of Ray's identity discs.

Ray Wells Engineer's Brevet
Two photographs of Ray's flight engineer's brevet.

Ray Wells' Warrant Officer badges
Cloth uniform badges.

RAF Association Key Ring
Photo 1 and 2 are both sides of a RAF Association key ring.

Ray Wells' Decorations
1939-1945 Star with Bomber Command Clasp, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.

Camouflage smock
Four photographs of a camouflage smock with Warrant Officer badges, medal ribbons and flight engineer's brevet.

Bullet Cigarette Lighter
Five photographs of a bullet cigarette lighter.

Ray Wells' Side Cap
Three photographs of Ray's sidecap.

Squadron Reunion at Lisset
A large group of 158 Squadron veterans at St James Church, Lisset.

Demob Leave at Huntley Drive, Hull
Photo 1 is Ray and Dorothy sitting on a fence.
Photo 2 is Marj and Dorothy.
Photo 3 is Ray and Dorothy.
Photo 4 is Dorothy sitting on the grass at Lincoln.
Photo 5 is Dorothy in the garden at Hull.
Photo 6 is Ray and Marjorie at Hull.

New York, Lake Superior, Hamburg and Gatwick
Photo 1 is The Statue of Liberty seen from the sea.
Photo 2 is a quay on Lake Superior.
Photo 3 is a street scene of Hamburg.
Photo 4 are prefab buildings seen from the control tower, Hamburg.
Photo 5 is skyscrapers seen from the sea, annotated…

Hamburg Outskirts with Bomb Damage
Photo 1 and 2 are bombed buildings, annotated 'More rubble on the outskirts'.
Photo 3 is of buildings at the side of the river.
Photo 4 is the Sergeants' Mess & house in the background.
Photo 5 is prefab houses annotated 'The houses Hitler…

Bombed out Hamburg
Eight photographs from an album. Each photo shows damaged buildings, annotated 'Last night a strong force of our bombers raided Hamburg & heavy fires were reported by our air-crews' and 'Not one enemy bomber will enter the German Third Reich!!'

Airmen at the Sergeants' Mess, Hamburg
Photo 1 is an Alsatian annotated 'Juonk. The best German I knew & a grand pal'.
Photo 2 is three airmen and the dog annotated 'After lunch at the Mess.'
Photo 3 is a man with a top hat and a long brush, annotated 'German chimney sweep'.
Photo 4 is…

Leaving Hamburg
Photo 1 is bomb damaged buildings, annotated 'The price they paid'.
Photo 2 is the Mess seen from the garden.
Photo 3 is a large building annotated 'The W/O's club Hamburg' and 'The Ship & Dragon'.
Photo 4 and 5 are Dakotas annotated 'Passengers…

Photo 1 is a street scene in Hamburg.
Photo 2 is bomb damaged buildings.
Photo 3 is bomb damaged buildings in St Pauli.
Photo 4 is damaged buildings annotated 'The hun and his home'.
Photo 5 is an airman in front of bombed buildings, annotated…

Ray Wells' Germany
Photo 1 is of three airmen seated with an Alsatian, annotated 'Off duty at the mess'.
Photo 2 is three airmen sitting, annotated 'On the launch with Bill & Tich'.
Photo 3 is five airmen in the mess, annotated 'Shooting lines in the Mess!'.
Photo 4…
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