Wilson, Harold


Wilson, Harold
H Wilson


24 items. The collection concerns Flight Sergeant Harold Wilson DFM (Royal Air Force) who flew two tours completing 45 operations as a bomb aimer on 9 and 97 squadrons. Collection contains an identity document, a letter, his flying log book, a memoir and photographs (including some while he was a member of a missing research and enquiry unit in Germany after the war).

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Barbara Armstrong and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Wilson, H

Collection Items

Map of Germany on wall
Large map with part of Netherlands and Germany on wall. Submitted with caption 'mreu8 001 4 MREU Operations Map Hamburg 1946'

Servicemen and aircraft wreckage
Servicemen gathered round wreckage of an aircraft in shallow water. Submitted with caption 'mreu7 001 Wreckage of a Whitley crashed on Juist, Friesian Islands 1941'.

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS) Borkum (KR B 210)
Small boat with cross on front of bridge tied up alongside a wooden pier. Other docks and ship in the background. Submitted with caption 'mreu6 001 Luftwaffe Air Sea Rescue launch used by us to travel between Friesian Islands'.

Three servicemen
One man in foreground looking through binoculars, another an army captain behind him and a third man partially visible on the right. All looking out over open water. Submitted with caption 'mreu5 001 Approachimg Wangerooge Captain Paterson (Ghurka…

Seven servicemen
Seven men in a variety of informal uniform , six standing and one squatting down. Taken in open air with structures in the background. Submitted with caption 'mreu4 001 74 Graves Concentration Unit. Captain and German crew'.

Four servicemen
Four men in informal uniform standing in a cemetery alongside an exhumed coffin. Summitted with caption ' mreu3 001 74 GCU Pat (Captain Paterson) & the boys exhuming on Borkum Islands'.

Twelve servicemen
Twelve servicemen sitting round two tables in room with bookcase against wall in the background and curtain on the right. Submitted with caption 'mreu2 001 Informal party at Sgt's mess Oldenburg'.

Group of twelve servicemen
Twelve servicemen, army and air force sitting and standing in two rows. Submitted with caption 'mreu1 001 Officers and NCO's of 74 Graves Concentration Unit 1947'.

Flight Sergeant Harry Wilson Distinguished Flying Medal
Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with observer brevet, DFM ribbon and Pathfinder badge. Submitted with caption 'Flt Sgt Harry Wilson DFM'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better…

Five servicemen round a table
Five servicemen, three army and one RAF (Harold Wilson) in uniform and the fifth in shirt sleeves. Sitting round a table with glasses and cups inside a room with picture on wall behind. Submitted with caption 'Commonwealth War graves'.

Harold Wilson's flying log book
Harold Wilson’s Flying Log Book from 28/11/42 to 2/4/54, detailing training, operations and instructional duties as an Air Bomber (and later Navigator). Also contains various memorabilia including a photograph, reunion invitation and newspaper…

Royal Air Force missing research and enquiry service no 4 unit identity card
Personal details for Flying Officer H Wilson and note on reverse to all military and civilian authorities describing duties of holder.

Letter from William Eaton
Thanks addressee for receiving an honourable, satisfying and sincere epistle. Acknowledges addressee plea for discretion. Wished success with their difficult operation.

Target photograph showing city with river/canal middle left to top right. Caption '3936, CON 7/8.1.45//NT 8", 18000, 075 20.27.8 32 SECS, F/L WOOLNOUGH R97, MUNICH R'.

Photo is upside down; north is at the bottom. The river top left is the Isar,…

Seven aircrew
Seven aircrew, four wearing Mae Wests and three battledress. Six are standing in line and the seventh is sitting in front on a chock. In the background the forward part of a Lancaster with open bomb bay.

Bomb damage
Reconnaissance photograph at low level of goods yard with significant bomb damage with craters and destroyed buildings throughout. A drained canal runs top to bottom with large barge aground against quay and another smaller pair tied together at top.…

Five airmen in front of a Lancaster
Five airmen, the one on the left wearing a flying jacket the others battledress standing in line in front of a Lancaster.

Eleven airmen in front of a Lancaster
Eleven airmen, four wearing Mae West and the others battledress kneeling and standing in two rows in front of a Lancaster. On the nose an 'S' underneath nose turret.

View of the port forward part of a Lancaster parked. Letter 'S' below front turret and gantry under starboard engines.

Target photograph showing bomb bursts in built up area and the silhouette of a Lancaster below. Caption '2775 CON 20/21-7-44//NT 8" 15000, 225, COURTRAI. BB, 5X1000, 23SECS. F/O LASH[...]'.

Deelen airfield
Target photograph showing an airfield with triangle of runways with buildings bottom and right. Bomb bursts are visible across the airfield. Caption '3248 CON. 15.8.44// 8" 17600, 080, 1208, DEELEN A/D Q., 11x1000, 4x500C35secs. F/Lt LASHAM, Q97'.

Bombed city
Reconnaissance photograph of part of a city with damaged buildings.

Target photograph with indistinct ground but several bombs visible centre left and centre. Caption mostly unreadable '[....], 9/10.3.44, Marignane P. 1 x 4000, 5 x 1000, 19s [..]'.

Mugged at 18,000 feet
Account of returning from operation to Brunswick on 14 January 1944. Aircraft was hit by tracer. Rear gunner did not check in after attack. Relates actions of crew with flight engineer and then wireless operator sent back to investigate, followed by…
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