Wilson, Harold


Wilson, Harold
H Wilson


Eleven items. The collection concerns Flight Sergeant Harold Wilson DFM (Royal Air Force) and contains 10 photographs and a memoir.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Barbara Armstrong and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Wilson, H

Collection Items

Target photograph showing city with river/canal middle left to top right. Caption '3936, CON 7/8.1.45//NT 8", 18000, 075 20.27.8 32 SECS, F/L WOOLNOUGH R97, MUNICH R'.

Seven aircrew
Seven aircrew, four wearing Mae Wests and three battledress. Six are standing in line and the seventh is sitting in front on a chock. In the background the forward part of a Lancaster with open bomb bay.

Bomb damage
Reconnaissance photograph at low level of goods yard with significant bomb damage with craters and destroyed buildings throughout. A drained canal runs top to bottom with large barge aground against quay and another smaller pair tied together at top.…

Five airmen in front of a Lancaster
Five airmen, the one on the left wearing a flying jacket the others battledress standing in line in front of a Lancaster.

Eleven airmen in front of a Lancaster
Eleven airmen, four wearing Mae West and the others battledress kneeling and standing in two rows in front of a Lancaster. On the nose an 'S' underneath nose turret.

View of the port forward part of a Lancaster parked. Letter 'S' below front turret and gantry under starboard engines.

Target photograph showing bomb bursts in built up area and the silhouette of a Lancaster below. Caption '2775 CON 20/21-7-44//NT 8" 15000, 225, COURTRAI. BB, 5X1000, 23SECS. F/O LASH[...]'.

Deelen airfield
Target photograph showing an airfield with triangle of runways with buildings bottom and right. Bomb bursts are visible across the airfield. Caption '3248 CON. 15.8.44// 8" 17600, 080, 1208, DEELEN A/D Q., 11x1000, 4x500C35secs. F/Lt LASHAM, Q97'.

Bombed city
Reconnaissance photograph of part of a city with damaged buildings.

Target photograph showing bombs
Target photograph with indistinct ground but several bombs visible centre left and centre. Caption mostly unreadable '[....], 9/10.3.44,Marignane P. 1 x 4000, 5 x 1000, 19s, [..]'.

Mugged at 18,000 feet
Account of returning from operation to Brunswick on 14 January 1944. Aircraft was hit by tracer. Rear gunner did not check in after attack. Relates actions of crew with flight engineer and then wireless operator sent back to investigate, followed by…
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