Meen, Muriel Irene


Meen, Muriel Irene
M I Meen


Nine items. The collection concerns Muriel Irene Meen (b. 1919, I010772 Royal Air Force) and contains documents and photographs.

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Meen, MI

Collection Items

Pre-Flight talk
A group of airmen dressed in life vests being addressed prior to an operation. They are under the nose of a Lancaster.

Lancasters bombing Up
Five armourers preparing bombs under a Lancaster. Behind a second Lancaster is being prepared with two ground crew standing on the wings above the inner engines.

Eight airmen around a table
Eight airmen arranged around a table with mugs and cigarettes. Three are working with pens and papers.

Sergeants' Mess RAF Skellingthorpe
The Sergeants Mess laid out for a party. On the table are crests for 50 and 61 Squadrons. On the reverse 'April 20th 1945 Sgts Mess Skellingthorpe'.

12 Airmen
Aircrew in uniform and flying kit standing in front of Lancaster LM296.

Seven Airmen
Seven airmen Mae Wests life vests. They are standing in front of Lancaster VN-D RE133.
On the reverse are four signatures

[The image is identified as being 50 squadron, RAF Skellingthorpe and the Captain as F/O A. Campbell]

Three airmen and three WAAFs
A group of six RAF personnel with Muriel Meen second from the left. On the reverse '1941-1942 Muriel second left'.

Muriel Meen's Service History
A form with Muriel's RAF employment locations and dates.

Muriel Meen's Service Record
RAF Form 543 recording Muriel's service record
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