Beisley, John


Beisley, John
John W T Beisley
J W T Beisley


Three items. The collection concerns John Beisley (b. 1925, 1593305 Royal Air Force) who flew 30 operations as a flight engineer on Halifax and Lancaster with 433 Squadron. Collection contains a summary of his operations, official documentation and a memoir.

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Beisley, JWT

Collection Items

John Beisly memoir
Outlines his training and 30 operations on 433 Squadron flying Halifax and then Lancaster. Writes of Halifax crash shortly after arriving and describes his actions on a busy night on an operation to Bochum when they were hit by antiaircraft fire.…

John Beisly personnel documentation
Royal Air Force document giving personal details of John Beisly. Enlisted 13 April 1943 released 22 May 1947. Lists his postings an promotions. Notes qualification as flight engineer and posting to 433 Squadron on 4 August 1944.

Record of John Beisley's 30 operations
Summary of bombing operations with 433 Squadron from 11 August 1944 to 26 March 1945, Flew as flight engineer on Halifax and then converted to Lancaster December / January 44/45.
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