Leadbetter, John. Aerial Photographs


Leadbetter, John. Aerial Photographs


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Leadbetter, J

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Skomer Islands
A vertical aerial photograph of a group of islands including Skomer, West Wales. It is annotated '3PP Recco.519 P/O Leadbetter 9.9.44'.

A vertical aerial photograph showing the city. River Wye meanders through the left side. Two railway lines run from the bottom and meet halfway to the top. The image is annotated 'Recco.519 P/O Leadbetter 9.9.44'.
On the reverse -
'Assumed Posn…

Flat Farmland
A low level aerial oblique of flat farmland. A road crosses left to right with a few houses. On the image is annotated 'PE-J Q-2'.

Dunkirk Dockyard
Oblique aerial photograph of Dunkirk docks. Incomplete hulls of two oil tankers at bottom right, likely to be La Saône and La Seine. Extensive damage visible in the bottom left corner.

Identification kindly provided by Gareth Hughes, Christopher…

An oblique aerial photograph of Ludwigshafen. The foreground appears residential but in the middle distance are large factories. Damage has been inflicted on the buildings.

Identification kindly provided by Andrew Gordon and Stéphane Van de Putte…

An oblique aerial photograph of Goderich and Maitland River with Menesetung Bridge.

Identification kindly provided by Andrew Gordon of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group, and by Fynn Titford-Mock, with additional backing by Richard…

Road Crossing Flat Lands
A low level aerial oblique photograph of a road crossing. Annotated on the image is 'PE-J Q-4'.
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