Green, Alan William. Album


Green, Alan William. Album


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Photographs from Alan Green's training




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Green, AW

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Three Airmen outside their Hut
Three men standing on a wooden walkway outside their hut.

Two Airmen on a Log
The two airmen are sitting on a log, surrounded by snow.

Three airmen, a civilian and a boy
The group is seated on a log. The civilian man has a rifle and a hat.

Airmen Studying
An airman studying a book at the entrance to a hut.

24 Airmen on a Bus
24 airmen wearing greatcoats positioned on and around a bus.

Bunkbeds in a dormitory
Rows of bunkbeds in a dormitory for airmen.

Two airmen and a civilian
Two airmen on a tree trunk.

Navigator Sun Shots
Five airmen taking sunshots with handheld sextants. They are outside a wooden hut.

Alan Green's Navigator Training Photographs
A folder containing photographs taken during Alan's training in Canada.
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