Webster, Edward


Webster, Edward
Webster, E


18 items. The collection concerns Edward Webster (2210797 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, objects, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a flight engineer with 61 Squadron.

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Webster, E

Collection Items

Edward Webster's Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520A issued to Edward containing brief details of his service life.

Edward Webster's Royal Air Force navigator’s, air bomber’s, air gunner’s and flight engineer’s flying log book
E Webster’s Flight Engineers Flying Log Book covering the period 3 August 1944 to 4 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as flight engineer. He was stationed at RAF Wigsley (1654 HCU), RAF Syerston (5 Lancaster Finishing…

RAF Skellingthorpe Painting
A painting, signed by Reg Payne, of two Lancasters banking over RAF Skellingthorpe. On the reverse:
'QR-O 61 Squadron (City of Lincoln) Squadron
VN-D 50 Squadron -- Same airfield Skellingthorpe Lincoln
61 Squadron, Middle left to Top left over to…

Edward Webster's Badges and Uniform Insignia
A Players Navy Cut cigarette tin which contained rank and metal badges plus a small stamp collection on a card marked 'The language of Stamps'.

Edward Webster
A series of four head photographs to be used on escape papers. Additionally there is a three pence stamp.

B Flight, No 4 Squadron Group Photograph
A group of trainees arranged in four rows. Underneath each man is named.

A target photograph taken on an operation to Ladbergen. There is a large area of glare with some trails of light but no ground detail.
It is annotated '7B' and captioned:
'3517 SKELL.4/5.11.44//NT.8" 11400' 074° 1936 LADBERGEN. Z. 14 ANM 65DN.…

A target photograph for an operation to Bremerhaven. On the right there is illuminated smoke or cloud and some light trails. The rest of the image is dark and there is no ground detail. It is captioned:
'2922 SKELL. 18/19.9.44// NT. 8" 15000…

A target photograph taken on an operation to Rheydt. The ground detail is obscured by glare and light trails. Photograph is captioned:
'2533 SKELL 19/20.9.44 // NT (C) 8" 11000 ← 014° 2153
RHEYDT RD.Z. 1x2000, 12 'J' x 500. 21 secs. F/O.…

Airmen and Ground Crew
Four photographs of airmen and ground crew with a bomb and positioned in front of their aircraft' 'QR-?'.
In photo 1 and 3 there are seven airmen and four ground crew.
In photo 2 and 4 there are seven airmen.

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Squadron Group Photograph
A large group of airmen and ground crew arranged under a Lancaster. Information supplied with the collection states '61 Squadron 1945'.

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Edward Webster's Mess Subscription Card
A mess card used by Edward.

Edward Webster's Decorations
#1 A list of Edward's medals and the box they came in.
#2 The five medals awarded to Edward.
1939 to 1945 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, France and Germany Star
War Medal 1939 to 1945.

Flight Engineer's Duties
Six items listed that are the duties and responsibilities of Flight Engineers.
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Letter to Edward Webster Advising of his Promotion
Edward's letter advises he is promoted to T/W/O.

Edward Webster's Service Record
RAF Form 543 for Edward, listing his service record.

Flight Engineer's Log Book
The cover of a log book and pages 1 to 4.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form: no better quality copies are available.
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