Cushway, Arthur


Cushway, Arthur
A W Cushway


55 items. This collection concerns Sergeant Arthur William Cushway (1913 - 1942, 1285306 Royal Air Force). Arthur Cushway was a wireless operator / air gunner and was killed when his Stirling from RAF Waterbeach failed to return from an operation to Hamburg. The collection contains a photograph album, his service record and 52 photographs.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Rosemary Lester and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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Cushway, AW

Collection Items

Three Wellingtons in flight
A formation of three Wellingtons, 'W-OJ, M-OJ' and N-OJ' silhouetted against the sky.

Lake District
Lake District scenes. The first is of a stone bridge over a river. Captioned 'Bridge across the R. Duddon'. The second is a street view with no cars or pedestrians. Captioned 'Hawkeshead'. The third is a ferry steaming across a lake. Captioned…

Lake District April 1942
Lake District scenes. The first photograph is of two houses set in front of a small mountain. Captioned 'Coniston', The second is a river bordered by trees. In the distance are hills. Captioned 'River Duddon'. The third is a view of distant hills and…

Back in England
The first photograph is a group of 20 airmen arranged in two rows in front of a building. Captioned 'No 2 A.F.U. Millom. Mar 1942 Cushway, Humphrey, Rolf, Obbard, Chapman, Yates, Howe, Curle, Brewer, Eastwood,
Avery, Lovell, Gorfunkle, Alexander,…

The vertical aerial photograph is of a dam under construction. It is largely completed but the reservoir has not formed behind the dam. Captioned 'The Dam, Fergus'. The second is a vertical aerial photograph of Toronto. The street pattern is a grid…

The first photograph is a low oblique aerial view of a quarry and industrial buildings. In the foreground is a railway siding with freight trucks. In the background are houses. Captioned 'The Salt of the Earth'. The second photograph has a steam…

New York
New York scenes. The first is of the Chrysler Building taken from a tall building. There are other tall buildings and a river, in the distance. Captioned 'Chrysler Bldg.'. The second is taken from a few floors up looking down on parked and moving…

New York Jan 1942
New your buildings. The first is a view from a tall building looking towards the Hudson River. There are several tall buildings and smoking chimneys. The second is a ground level view looking up the RCA Building, 30 Rockefeller Center. The third is…

Kingston, Ontario
Two Kingston scenes. The first is a street scene with trees, three cars, a pedestrian and a church. Captioned 'Sunday Morning'. The second is a public building taken through trees. Captioned 'The Courthouse'.

Niagara and Horseshoe falls January 1942
Falls views. The first is of Horseshoe Falls, captioned 'Horseshoe Falls'. The second is of the Horseshoe Falls and is not captioned. The third is a view of the falls framed by a doorway, captioned 'Niagara Falls'. The fourth is a view of the…

Sightseeing Niagara
Niagara Falls views. The first is a clear view of Niagara Falls. Captioned 'January 1942'. The second is a view of the Falls framed by a tree, captioned 'Niagara Falls September 1941'. The third is a view of the Falls through buildings with long…

American Transport
Scenes of American transport. The first is a truck at the side of a snowy road. A corporal is about to enter the passenger side. On its front above the cab is 'Knaust Bros Inc Mushrooms'. Captioned ' Airmans Special Alec Wood somewhere between Albany…

Picton, Ontario
Picton scenes. The first is a view from a low hill of Picton, captioned 'Picton Jan 1941'. The second is a snow covered barn set in fields. In the foreground is a wooden fence and to the sides are bare trees. The ground is snow covered. Captioned…

Two Harvards
Air-to-air view of two Harvards, 3782 & 3783 taken from a third aircraft slightly lower and in front of the two Harvards. Captioned 'Passing kites. Harvards'.

Above the Clouds and Collingwood
The first photograph is an aerial photograph looking at cirrus and convection cumulous clouds. Captioned ' Above the clouds. Cirrus & Convection Cumulous'. The second is a low angle aerial photograph of Collingwood, Ontario. The town and its docks…

The Objective Midland Ontario
High angle aerial oblique photograph of Midland Ontario. It is on the lakeside and on the left can be seen grain elevators. In the middle and right an industrial area with a large building and docks. Behind this is an urban area.

Reconnaissance flight
The first photograph is of two Ansons on the apron at Port Albert. Captioned 'Waiting to take off. Tarmac, Port Albert. The second is inside the cockpit of an aircraft with the pilot at the controls, captioned 'The "Glasshouse" Sgt Wadham'. The third…

Grain elevators
A photograph in a scrapbook of a line of grain elevators. In front a ship is partly visible. In the distance is a low wooded hill and some houses.

Environs of Port Albert
Environs of Port Albert. The first photograph is a view over Lake Huron into the setting sun. Captioned 'Sundown, Lake Huron, September 1941.' The second is a view along a road. The trees are bare of leaves. Captioned 'Typical road scene. November…

Four airmen in Sidcot suits
Four airmen in sidcot suits, one sitting on a low wall, three standing. One airman is smoking a pipe. They are carrying their helmets and goggles. On the reverse 'Tolmie, Morris, McNiven, Siddall, No 8 I.T.W. Apr.1941'. Also 'Tolmie 1 Siddall 3…

Port Albert, Ontario
Three photographs from a scrapbook. The first is an airman in a Sidcot suit carrying a bag and and a box. Captioned 'All set, with bag of instruments and sextant. November 1941'. The second is of six man sat on wooden chairs using sextants. They are…

Three photographs taken from a scrapbook. The first is six men loading coal into a lorry at Reykjavik. Behind are ship's masts. Captioned 'Coal heaving, Rejkvik August 1941.' The second is a hill covered in fog, captioned 'Coastal Fog. Hetgafels Aug.…

Countryside at Wilmslow
Some cows, trees and distant low hills. Captioned 'Last view of England. Wilmslow. Cheshire. July 1941'.

Cornwall and Devon
Cornwall and Devon scenes. The first is of a bay with The Headland Hotel above houses. Captioned ' Newquay, Cornwall'. The second is of a rocky island and cliffs, captioned 'Off Pentire Head, Cornwall, Apr 1941'. The third is of a bay and headland…

Group of 51 Airmen
51 airmen positioned in four rows in front of The Highbury Hotel, Newquay. Captioned '"C" Flight, No 1 Squadron. No 8 I.T.W. Newquay, Cornwall Feb-Apr 1941'.
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