Dunbar, Jimmy


Dunbar, Jimmy
J L Dunbar


Seven items. The collection concerns Sergeant Jimmy Dunbar (1585541 Royal Air Force) He flew operations as a bomb aimer on 514 Squadron and was killed 22 May 1944. The collection contains photographs of him and his family.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by P Mansell and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

Additional information on Jimmy Dunbar is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Dunbar, JL

Collection Items

Wedding group in garden
Eleven people with bride in wedding dress and groom (wearing uniform tunic with bomb aimer's brevet) sitting in deck chairs top left. Another man wearing suit sits to the right. Two man and two women are grouped on the right and three young girls sit…

Wedding group in garden
Full length image of bride (wearing wedding dress and carrying bouquet) and groom wearing uniform tunic with sergeant rank and bomb aimer's brevet. Both are in centre of a group of six other adults, two ladies sitting and one young girl. One male and…

Jimmy Dunbar
Half length portrait of a sergeant wearing uniform tunic with bomb aimer brevet. Submitted with caption '1943 Jimmy'.

Airman cutting wedding cake
In the centre and airman standing wearing uniform tunic with sergeant rank and half brevet (bomb aimer) cutting a cake on a table. To the left a bride in white dress standing looks on. Three other people left and right sitting. Submitted with caption…

Jimmy Dunbar
Full face portrait of an airman wearing uniform tunic and cadet side cap. Submitted with caption '1942 Jimmy'.

Jimmy Dunbar
Full face portrait of a man wearing jacket and tie. Submitted with the caption '1942 Jimmy in the RAF'.

Man and woman in a garden
Full length image of JL Dunbar and “Betty” Dodridge. An airman wearing uniform tunic standing with his arm round a woman to the left wearing light checked skirt and jacket. In the background a lattice fence and part of a house. Submitted with…
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