Claydon, Frank Edward


Claydon, Frank Edward
F E Claydon


39 items. The collection concerns Flying Officer Frank Edward Claydon (130537 Royal Air Force) and contains correspondence, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a bomb aimer with 166 Squadron and was killed 14 January 1944.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Frances Madeley and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

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Claydon, FE

Collection Items

Flying Officer Frank Edward Claydon
An almost full length portrait of Frank.
Handwritten at the side is 'FO Frank Edward Claydon Killed in action on New Brunswick raid 13.01.1944 Sqn 166 130537 aged 35 yrs. Buried in Berlin Plot 14 A.3.'

Frank Edward Claydon
A half length portrait of Frank, in uniform with his Observer's brevet.
Underneath is handwritten 'Frank Edward Claydon 13/14 January 1944 130537 166 Sqn'.

Frank Claydon
A memorial article about Frank telling of his professional and service life.

Flying Officer FE Claydon
A brief biography of Frank's work with Barnet council.

News of Former Members - Frank Claydon
The article gives a brief resume of Frank's life. He worked as a councillor for Barnet but joined up despite his commitment to pacifism.

Compliment Slip accompanying Grave Photograph sent to Frank Claydon's Widow
The slip and photograph were sent to Frank's widow.

Frank Claydon's Last Will and Testament
Frank's will allocating everything to his wife, Violet.

Patricia Anne Claydon's Birth Card
A card announcing the arrival of Patricia.

Frank Claydon's Memorial of Baptism
A memorial card presented on Frank's baptism.

Letter to Frank Claydon's Wife from Air Ministry
The letter advises that due to the time Frank has been reported missing then he is presumed dead.

Letter to Frank Claydon's Widow from Air Ministry
The letter advises that her husband's body has been positively identified after exhumation. He has now been moved to the British Military Cemetery, Berlin.

Letter to Barnet UDC from Frank Claydon's Wife
A copy of a letter to the Council asking that no mention is made of the fact that her husband is missing.,

Letter to Editor of Barnet Press from Frank Claydon's Wife
A copy of a letter where Frank's wife asks that her husband being missing is kept out of the press.

Letter to Frank Claydon's Mother and Daughter from Violet and Patricia Claydon
The letter asks if they have heard from Frank, who is on his way to Capetown.

Letter to Mr S Cass from Frank Claydon's Widow
This is a copy of a letter written to S Cass about Private Chattels' Insurance.

Letter to Frank Claydon's Mother and Sister from Frank
He has been moved to a new airfield and does not know anyone although he likes his new pilot.

Letter to Frank Claydon's Wife from the British Red Cross
The letter offers news regarding events when her husband's aircraft was shot down. The German authorities confirm that six airmen had lost their lives.

Table Mountain, Capetown
A view across housing to Table mountain.
On the reverse is handwritten ' "Table Mountain Cape Town'.

Five Airmen
Five men in tropical gear arranged outside their tent.

Frank Claydon and baby
Frank is sitting in a garden and holding his daughter, Patricia. He is dressed in a suit.

Aircrew trainees
A group of trainees arranged in four rows a grassy field. On the reverse is handwritten 'With Love, Frank 13th Aug 1941'.

Aircrew trainees
Four rows of trainees arranged in front of St John the Apostle church, Montpellier road, Torquay.

Frank Claydon's Grave
A cross marking Frank's final resting place.

Frank Claydon on the beach
Frank sunbathing on a deck chair on a pebbly beach. He is wearing a jacket, plus fours, long socks and leather shoes. Behind is a row of beach huts.
On the reverse 'Frank Claydon'.

Frank Claydon Skiing
Frank skiing, with a cat. Behind is a snow covered chalet.
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