Cooke, Bob


Cooke, Bob
James Robert Alfred Cooke
J R A Cooke


11 items. The collection concerns Flight Sergeant John Robert Alfred "Bob" Cooke (1336866 Royal Air Force) and contains research about his crew. He flew operations as a pilot with 51 Squadron and was killed 30 June 1944.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by James Seymour and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

Additional information on John Robert Alfred Cooke is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Cooke, JRA

Collection Items

Bob Cooke's Grave
Bob's grave at Tilly-sur-Seuelles Commonwealth War Cemetery.

Villers Bocage during Bombing <br /><br />
Two photographs from an album.
#1 is a vertical aerial photograph taken during the bombing at Villers Bocage.
#2 is temporary graves of Bob Cooke and Crew at Tilly-sur-Seulles, Normandy.

RAF Snaith and 51 Squadron Group
Two photographs from an album.
#1 is an oblique aerial photograph of Snaith taken during the war.
#2 is a group of men arranged in three rows in front of a Halifax. Bob's position is indicated in the caption.

Excerpt of Bob Cooke&#039;s Log Book
Two pages from Bob's log book showing some of his training flights and operations whilst with 51 Squadron.

Events at Villers Bocage
Details of the events leading to the loss of Bob Cooke and crew, 30 June 1944.

Charles Martin Allen by Mrs Anne Phillips
A brief biography of Charlie written by his niece, Anne. Charlie was an air gunner on Bob's crew.

Bob Cooke by James Seymour
An explanation of why James wrote about his late uncle. Also a page out of a diary kept by Bob's father.

Bob Cooke and Crew
Photographs of all seven crew members.

Bob Cooke and Crew
A list of Bob and his crew. A colour drawing of their Halifax and the location of their graves in Normandy.

Bob Cooke
Near full length portrait of Bob in flying kit captioned '19 year old Bob Cooke whilst training at Vereeniging, South Africa in 1942'.

Flight Sergeant JR &#039;Bob&#039; Cooke
The front and back pages of a scrapbook compiled by Bob's nephew, James Seymour. It features a crest of 51 Squadron and a message commemorating the service and sacrifice of Bob and his crew.
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