Sanger, Eric William


Sanger, Eric William
E W Sanger


10 items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer Eric William Sanger (b. 1915, 125630 Royal Air Force) and contains his prisoner of war log, documents and a photograph. He flew operations as an observer with 9 Squadron before being shot down and becoming a prisoner of war.

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Sanger, EW

Collection Items

Wartime log
Contains drawings, names and addresses of other prisoners, dairy of events on being shot down, his crew and diagram of Lancaster, poems, stories of life in camp, Lists of prisoners in his hut, aircraft they flew and when and where shot down. Diagram…

Eric Sanger
Head and shoulders portrait of an RAF Officer wearing tunic with observer brevet, and peaked cap.

Eric Sanger prisoner of war card
Head and shoulders portrait of Eric Sanger and personal details in Oflag XXI B.

Caterpillar club certificate
Made out for Flying Officer E W Sanger

Letter to Eric Sanger's father
From casualty branch expressing regret that his son was missing as result of air operations on night 25/26 February 1943 when his Lancaster failed to return. Enquiries would be made via the Red Cross.

Telegram to Eric Sanger's father
Informs him that his son was missing as a result of air operations on 25/26 February 1943.

Telegram to Eric Sanger's father
Informs him that his son is a prisoner of war

It happened one night
Eric Sanger's personal account of his last operation, of being shot down and his time as a prisoner of war. Detailed account of last operation to Nuremburg on 25 February 1943 in 9 Squadron aircraft from RAF Waddington. Mentions delayed take off and…

Prisoner of war identity document
For Pilot Officer Eric William Sangar with some personal details. Note Nuernberg 26.2.43 and Oflag XXIB. Has stamp of prisoner of war paymaster 25 May 1945.

No 1 Canadian transit camp information sheet
Welcome to transit camp with instructions for reception, recreational facilities, money equivalents and departures. Second page show map of facility.
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