Creamer, Robert Arthur


Creamer, Robert Arthur
R A Creamer


Six items. The collection concerns Robert Creamer (1818388 Royal Air Force) and contains his memoir and photographs. He flew operations as an air gunner from RAF Grimsby.
The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Robert Creamer and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Creamer, RA

Collection Items

Lancaster 'LM744'
Two photographs of Lancaster LM744.
The first is a starboard side view of the Lancaster with its engines running.
The second is a port view with the engines stopped. Several other Lancasters are in the background.

Sergeant Robert Creamer
A three-quarter length portrait of Robert standing behind a bench.

Robert Creamer and Colleague
Two airmen standing in the gardens of a house. One with his arm round his friend.
On the reverse 'Took at RAF Cottesmore June 1945.'

Robert Creamer
A head and shoulders portrait of Robert. On the reverse is written '[indecipherable] Blue [indecipherable]'.

No 105 Course Air Gunners Squad 2
A group of 12 air gunners arranged in two rows. On the reverse are their signatures.
There is a second identical copy.

Robert Creamer's Operations and Wartime Memories
30 operations described in detail. His fellow crew members are listed as are incidents that occurred on the operations.
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