Chadwick, Roy. Pre 1920


Chadwick, Roy. Pre 1920


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Avro Pikes at Hamble
Three twin engine biplane aircraft in line on grass airfield with several men round each. In the background trees, On the reverse 'Avro Pikes at Hamble April 1917, designed by Roy Chadwick in 1915 at 22 years of age!'.

Roe Triplane under the railway arches
Front quarter view of triplane with man by propeller and others behind the wing. A man and woman look on from behind the starboard wing. In the background brick railway arches. Captioned 'A. V. Roe's Triplane under the railway arches at Lea Marshes…

British Westinghouse Electrical Company
Rows of large long factory buildings from left to right surrounded by brick wall. There are a number of vehicles in front of the building on the left. On the reverse 'Brit Westinghouse Electrical Manuf Co 1901, by courtesy of Peer Park […..], Vital…

Roy Chadwick in a Swift car
Front view of an open topped car registration CR2403. A man is sitting in the driving seat wearing flat cap and coat. In the background a wooden fence. Captioned 'Roy Chadwick in the "Swift", his car, bought in 1918 when he was 25 years old'.

Trafford Hall
In the centre a large multi-story building with two turrets on the roof. Smaller building connected to the right and other smaller buildings to the front. On the left a tall chimney. In the foreground open field. Captioned '725..4, British…

Roe biplane
Rear quarter view of a canard biplane on the ground. A pilots sits at the front with another man behind. Three men are gathered to the rear and another is behind the port wing. In the background a fence along edge of field and trees beyond. Captioned…

Roe 1 Triplane
Front quarter view of triplane just above the ground. Pilot is visible in open cockpit. In the background a number of figures, a wall and trees. On the reverse 'Roe 1. Triplane 1909, Sir Alliott's pioneering design. He is at the controls, a vital…

Roe biplane
Side view of canard biplane on grass with man standing in front of wing by engine. In the background trees. Captioned 'A V Roe's Canard Biplane 1907 fitted with the 24 hp Antoinette Engine, Photo A V Roe & Co, by courtesy of J B Scott Wilson, British…

Aircraft fuselages outside factory
A large number of aircraft fuselages some with engines mounted others with none, parked outside a multi-story brick building. On the left part of a crane. On the reverse '26, 1914, outside Park Works, Newton Heath, often used photo in magazines,…

A V Roe & Co works personnel
Large group of men and women sitting and standing in front of a brick building. Some men are in suits and others in working clothes. Building has three arched doorways with windows above. On the reverse 'Original photo, vital please keep safely of…

Three Avro 504s
Three Avro 504s in line from left to right. There are men in front of each. On the reverse '? Belgium?, 3 Avro 504s getting ready for the historic flight to Lake Constance to bomb the Zepplin [sic] works at Friedrichshafen, 1914'.

Mounted police guarding and Avro 500
Aircraft parked in a field with five mounted policemen in front. Behind are other policemen and spectators behind rope On the reverse 'A V Roe regarded this as first successful aircraft, first flown 8 May 1912, flown to old Trafford June 1912, Vital,…

Avro 504
Side view of Avro 504 registration B3168, On the right a man in distance and behind left another aircraft. On the reverse 'A10/8, The Avro 504, designed by Sir Alliott Vernon Roe in WW1, A. V. Roe photo'.

Ladies sewing
In the centre two ladies sowing fabric. In front piles of fabric. In the background windows and clock on the wall. On the reverse 'By courtesy Messrs A V Roe & Co, Ladies sewing the cloth for the wings of the Avro aeroplanes, they would be later…

Avro float plane
A white biplane with floats standing in a walled yard. Avro biplane on the tail fin and Daily Mail on the starboard fuselage. In the background rows of houses. On the reverse 'One of the earliest Avro planes designed by A V Roe in Manchester'.

AVRO's Hamble factory
Inside large factory with partially build aircraft. In front uncovered wing spars. In the background some completed aircraft. On the reverse 'Avro's Hamble, Southampton in W. W. 1, A V Roe & Co Ltd 1917 - 1928 here as Experimental Station , main…

A V Roe & Co Ltd Experimental station
Oblique aerial photograph of a hangar with buildings attached and tower behind. In the distance behind houses. On the reverse 'A. V. Roe & Co Ltd, Experimental Station, Hamble, 1917 - 28, Crescent Studios, Fareham Hants, Neg No 21103 [...] 4,…

A V Roe & Co Works
Row of brick built two and thee story factory buildings running left to right. In the distance on left a tower. Caption 'by courtesy - photo A. V. Roe & Co Ltd, A V Roe & Co Ltd Park Works, Newton Heath, Manchester from 1915 - about 1938 ?'.

Roy Chadwick
Head and shoulders portrait of a young man wearing suit and tie resting chin on his left hand. Signed Roy Chadwick. On the reverse 'In WW1, Roy Chadwick, now Avro's chief designer'.

Avro 504 floatplane
Biplane registered E4360 in water just out from beach. One man by starboard wing and another behind. Several men and one woman walking on the beach in front. On the reverse 'On Douglas Sands Isle of Man, an Avro 504K floatplane of the Avro Transport…

Avro 539
An Avro 539 Seaplane in shallow water with a man standing in front. On the reverse 'Crescent Studios, 61 High Street, Fareham, Hants No 21502, Designed by Roy Chadwick at 24 years old, kindly supplied and identified by Mr Lindsay Wilson of Hamble,…

A V Roe factory
Large hangar with buildings including tower to the left. The name A. V. Roe & Co Ltd above slightly open hangar doors. A biplane with man by port wing on the right side by door opening. On the reverse '7 214/8/94, Hamble, 122 with arrows to the…

Avro 504's being assembled
View inside a factory with many Avro 504's in various states of build. The ones towards the back are nearly complete, in front are uncovered fuselage frames and workbenches. Wings are stacked against wall in back right corner. On the reverse '504s…

Avro 529 and Roy Chadwick
View of part of port wing and front fuselage of an Avro 529. Standing in front are three men in flying coats and helmets. On the reverse 'Avro 529, October 1917 at Avro Hamble, Freddie Raynham test pilot, Dr Thurston from the Ministry, Roy Chadwick…

 Brownsfield Mill
View through gateway of a multi-story brick building with rows of windows on each floor and a chimney in the centre. In courtyard behind gates in front of building two cars and a lorry are parked. On the right gatepost a sign indicating Brownsfield…
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